Zelensky's Firm Message: No Peace in Ukraine Without Return of Occupied Territories

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Zelensky's Firm Message: No Peace in Ukraine Without Return of Occupied Territories
Zelensky's Firm Message: No Peace in Ukraine Without Return of Occupied Territories © Getty Images News/Roman Pilipey

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has issued a resounding declaration, emphasizing that true and "sustainable peace" can only be realized in Ukraine when the nation regains control over territories annexed and occupied by Russia.

These territories include Crimea and the eastern Donbas region. The statement came during Zelensky's recent address at the European House Ambrosetti business forum in Italy. This bold announcement follows reports from the Standard which highlighted apprehensions in Kiev.

These apprehensions revolve around Washington's alleged desire to conclude peace talks ahead of the impending US elections.

Partnership with BAE Systems: A Boost for Ukraine's Defense

In the same address, Zelensky applauded British defense behemoth BAE Systems for its burgeoning partnership with Ukraine.

The company has not only established a local presence in Ukraine but has also forged contracts with Kiev. The collaboration aims to amplify Ukraine's supply of weapons, equipment, and training. President Zelensky articulated the significance of this partnership, stating, “I had a meeting with representatives of BAE Systems.

The world knows this company very well. And our warriors are already very familiar with the weapons produced by this company... Our goal is to have all the most useful weapons for defence produced in Ukraine”.

Elections Under Russian Oversight

Adding another layer to the ongoing political drama, certain regions in Ukraine have witnessed residents turning up at polling stations.

These elections, organized by Russia in the regions it claims to control, have sparked controversy. Images emerging from Mariupol show individuals arriving at Russia's election commission to partake in what Ukraine condemns as "fake" voting.

The regions in focus for these contentious elections include Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye, and Kherson. Intriguingly, while Moscow claims to hold elections in these areas, it doesn't wield complete control over any of them.

The electoral contestants present a diverse mix, comprising veterans, pro-Russian politicians, and certain local denizens. These elections, which culminate on September 10, saw Reuters noting only "a stream of residents" voting in Mariupol.

The same report highlighted voters "showing newly issued Russian passports to officials as police officers stood by."

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