Ukrainian Defense Minister: A Day of War Costs Us One Hundred Million Dollars

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Ukrainian Defense Minister: A Day of War Costs Us One Hundred Million Dollars
Ukrainian Defense Minister: A Day of War Costs Us One Hundred Million Dollars © Getty Images News/Thomas Lohnes

In a candid revelation, the outgoing Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Alexei Reznikov, unveiled the staggering financial burden that warfare has thrust upon the nation. Highlighting that a single day of conflict drains Ukraine of one million US dollars, Reznikov drew attention to the pivotal role of the public in shouldering this immense cost.

The Role of Public Funds and Volunteers

Faced with a query regarding the relatively limited number of drones in the combat zone and the means by which they are funded, Reznikov shed light on the prominent contribution of Ukraine's citizens. "I can tell you that supplies from volunteers from 24 February 2022 to the present day constitute 3% of everything sent to the war," he remarked, indicating the bulk of the burden borne by public funds.

In a stark correction to previous figures, Reznikov clarified, “A day of war costs us 100 million dollars. In fact, this is done by Ukrainian citizens who work and pay taxes."

Ukraine's Military Advancements and the Need for Civic Support

While the financial strain is palpable, it hasn't deterred the Ukrainian defense forces from marching ahead technologically.

Reznikov proudly announced the official approval of 30 models of new Ukrainian drones. These encompass a variety, including reconnaissance, attack, kamikaze, and FPV drones. Moreover, during the relentless Russian invasion, Ukraine's Ministry of Defense has furnished the army with roughly 300 pieces of modern NATO equipment and weapons.

The Defense Minister did not mince words when speaking about the army's vast expenditures, labeling it as the predominant consumer of funds in current times. He emphasized the essentiality of continued tax payments even amidst war.

"Ukraine also requires funds to sustain the nation holistically: for infrastructure, reconstruction, and aiding the socially vulnerable sections of society," he stated. Reznikov's parting words were a call to action for the business community and the general populace alike.

“We need to work and pay taxes. Business needs to remain vibrant and extend unwavering support to entrepreneurs,” he urged. In encapsulating the state of affairs, Reznikov's revelations underscore the intricate weave of warfare, not just on the battlefield but also in the economic and social fabric of a nation, spotlighting the sacrifices and resilience of the Ukrainian people.


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