Romania Plans Protective Measures After Russian Drones Fall Near Border

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Romania Plans Protective Measures After Russian Drones Fall Near Border
Romania Plans Protective Measures After Russian Drones Fall Near Border © Getty Images News/Dan Kitwood

Recent tensions near its border have pushed Romania to ramp up security measures. The Romanian National Committee for Emergency Situations announced today that protective actions would be set in motion for residents close to the Ukrainian war zone.

This decision comes in the wake of a significant incident where Shahed drones "fell and detonated" in Romania, following the latest Russian assault on Ukraine's port of Izmail. Ukraine's foreign ministry labeled this occurrence as additional evidence of the "huge threat" Moscow presents to the neighbouring countries of Ukraine.

The incident, which Romania's defence ministry is currently investigating, has sparked concerns over national security. President Klaus Iohannis emphatically stated that any attack on Romania, a proud member of NATO, would be a "serious violation of Romania's sovereignty" and deemed "completely inadmissible."

Protective Measures and Preparations

With the increasing concerns emanating from the ongoing conflict, particularly due to Russian aggression in Ukraine and recent assaults on Ukrainian ports of Reni and Ismail, Romania is taking no chances.

The press release detailed the initiatives being rolled out. The Romanian Ministry of National Defense is entrusted with the responsibility of assessing and pinpointing areas in Romania that are proximate to the Reni and Ismail conflict hotspots.

To ensure the safety and well-being of the population, regional emergency committees will keep citizens informed about potential safe zones and shelters. They will also be guiding asylum seekers to suitable accommodations, if necessary.

Moreover, the Ministry of National Defense is in the process of constructing shelters for the public in Plauro and Ceatalchioa. These shelters will also cater to settlements with scanty populations. With the paramount focus being on safety, the Ro-Alert system, along with similar mechanisms, will be employed to notify individuals in areas contiguous to the Ukrainian conflict about potential risks.

For regions where GPS coverage is non-existent or spotty, dedicated teams will be deployed on-ground to alert the populace about looming dangers. Romania's preemptive steps underscore the nation's commitment to safeguarding its citizens amidst an unpredictable and volatile geopolitical scenario. It remains to be seen how the global community will respond to these escalating tensions in Eastern Europe.


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