Apple's Upcoming Event: The iPhone 15 Series to be Unveiled

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Apple's Upcoming Event: The iPhone 15 Series to be Unveiled
Apple's Upcoming Event: The iPhone 15 Series to be Unveiled © Getty Images News/Eric Thayer

On September 12, Apple's much-anticipated event, Wanderlust, is set to unveil the latest in its series of iPhones. But this year’s offerings are about more than just incremental updates. Apple plans to introduce not only the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, but also two Pro models - the iPhone 15 Pro and the high-end iPhone 15 Pro Max.

At the heart of the changes this year is the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which will boast of a periscope camera, making it the most advanced model in the lineup. While Pro models in the past differentiated only in size, Apple is carving a distinct identity for the Pro Max this year.

Technological Upgrades: From Ports to Processors

A significant shift in the new models is the inclusion of USB-C ports. This move, spurred by EU legislation, aligns the iPhone with Apple's MacBook and iPad Pro. Interestingly, insiders hint at a variation in USB speeds among the models.

The base iPhone 15 models are speculated to feature USB 2.0 with speeds reaching up to 480Mbps, while the Pro variants might leap to USB 3.2 standards, offering blistering speeds of 20Gbps to 40Gbps. Ditching stainless steel, Apple has chosen a titanium alloy frame, promising greater strength and reduced weight.

Plus, a shift might be on the horizon for the Pro models, from the glossy finish to a classier brushed metal. Aesthetically, Apple seems to be leaning into a cool palette with the introduction of a dark blue and a light silver-gray, alongside the classics of space black and titanium.

Notably, the luxurious gold may not make the cut this year. Beneath its sleek exterior, the Pro models continue to up the ante. The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will retain their 6.1 and 6.7-inch screens, but with enhanced brightness, more efficient LTPO controllers, and slimmer bezels.

Powering these models are Apple's processors: the iPhone 15 series is equipped with the A15, while the Pro models make a giant leap to the A17 – a groundbreaking processor built on the 3nm process.

Camera Innovations and More

The camera is where the Pro models truly stand out.

While retaining the 48MP IMX803 camera, a new 13.4MP ultra-wide camera joins the fray. However, the crown jewel is the Pro Max's exclusive periscope camera, offering an impressive 5x or 6x zoom. With these enhancements, there's a slight pinch.

Expect a bump in the prices for the Pro and Pro Max by roughly $100. However, Apple compensates by doubling the base storage to 256GB. Mark your calendars; post the Wanderlust event, pre-orders are set to open on September 15.

The iPhone 15 series will hit the market on September 22, with the Pro Max potentially seeing a slight delay to October owing to supply constraints.


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