Kim Jong Un Wraps Up "Official and Friendly" Visit to Russia


Kim Jong Un Wraps Up "Official and Friendly" Visit to Russia
Kim Jong Un Wraps Up "Official and Friendly" Visit to Russia © Getty Images News/Pool

In a gesture underscoring strengthened ties between North Korea and Russia, Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, concluded his visit with words of appreciation and anticipation for a prosperous partnership. As reported by the Voice of Korea radio, Kim Jong Un's visit not only showcased his appreciation for Russian hospitality but also highlighted potential areas of collaboration in the realms of science, technology, and education.

Gratitude and Hopes for Stronger Ties

Throughout his stay, Kim Jong Un extended his gratitude towards Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian authorities, and the general populace for their "special attention and generous hospitality." According to the report, he wished prosperity for Russia and well-being for its citizens, underscoring that his visit "opened a new era of intense development and strengthening of Korean-Russian relations."

Educational and Technological Collaboration

Kim Jong Un's visit also spotlighted the vital role that education and technology can play in bolstering bilateral relations.

He expressed hope that the Far East Federal University (FEFU) would be a linchpin in fostering North Korea's scientific and technological cooperation with Russia. The Voice of Korea quotes him saying, "[Kim Jong Un] expressed his hope that the university will achieve further excellent development and will play an important role in scientific and technical cooperation between the two countries." During his tour of the University, Kim Jong Un took special interest in the exhibitions of the Primorsky Region and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Here, he lauded the "prominent success of the Russian people in economy and in the scientific area." This demonstrates the North Korean leader's enthusiasm for a collaborative future that leverages the strengths of both nations.

Furthermore, in a conversation with Korean students at the university, Kim Jong Un emphasized the role of education in nation-building. He urged the students to "put more effort" into their studies so they can subsequently contribute to the prosperity of North Korea.

Kim Jong Un's visit to Russia, marked by words of gratitude and visions for mutual growth, signifies a burgeoning era in Korean-Russian relations.