Between Fact and Fiction: Trump’s Take on the 2020 Election Outcome


Between Fact and Fiction: Trump’s Take on the 2020 Election Outcome
Between Fact and Fiction: Trump’s Take on the 2020 Election Outcome © Getty Images News/Micahel B. Thomas

In a candid conversation, former President Donald Trump opens up about the aftermath of the 2020 elections and the ongoing investigations.

Facing the Music: An Indictment and A Controversial Stand

Former President Donald Trump recently revealed that, despite receiving counsel from various individuals post the contentious 2020 election, the choice to push the baseless assertion that he had won was solely his.

In a forthright conversation with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Trump stated, “It was my decision, but I listened to some people”. This interview, which aired this past Sunday, comes at a time when Trump finds himself under legal scrutiny for his endeavors to challenge the 2020 election results.

Though the former president has pleaded not guilty across the board and consistently denies any form of misconduct, the indictment paints a different picture. At the heart of special counsel Jack Smith’s case is the assertion that Trump was well aware of the falsity of his claims.

According to Smith's indictment, despite being informed by close aides that he had lost, Trump perpetuated these claims, trying to present them as valid – all as part of an alleged broader criminal scheme. During the interview with NBC's Kristen Welker, Trump, potentially setting the stage for his 2024 Republican presidential nomination bid, once again asserted the baselessness of the 2020 election results, reports CNN. “I was listening to different people, and when I added it all up, the election was rigged,” he claimed.

Who Did Trump Listen To?

Trump's words give insight into the internal dynamics during the tumultuous post-election period. “You know who I listen to? Myself. I saw what happened,” he expressed, emphasizing his reliance on personal judgment.

Interestingly, Trump admitted to dismissing the advice of several attorneys, who suggested he had lost the election, on the grounds of lacking respect for them. He explained his skepticism, stating, “You hire them, you’ve never met these people, you get a recommendation, they turn out to be RINOs (Republicans in name only), or they turn out to be not so good.

In many cases, I didn’t respect them”. Despite this, Trump also acknowledged a faction whom he did hold in high regard, emphasizing, “But I did respect others. I respected many others that said the election was rigged”.

As the legal proceedings continue, another troubling allegation surfaces. Trump's campaign is accused of attempting to position counterfeit GOP electors in seven pivotal swing states, further complicating the post-election narrative.

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