Zelenskyy Denounces Russian 'Genocide' in Address to Canada's Parliament


Zelenskyy Denounces Russian 'Genocide' in Address to Canada's Parliament
Zelenskyy Denounces Russian 'Genocide' in Address to Canada's Parliament © Getty Images News/Katherine KY Cheng

On the marbled floors of Canada's esteemed Parliament, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made an impassioned plea against what he termed as Russian “genocide”. His forceful address came amidst his tireless efforts to garner global support for a nation ravaged by conflict.

Rising Against Oppression

“Moscow — now, as always — is bent on controlling Ukraine and makes use of all available means to do that, including genocide,” Zelenskyy said with urgency to the crowded House of Commons in Ottawa.

The weight of his statement hung in the air as he drove the point home further, stating, “It is genocide, what Russian occupiers are doing to Ukraine. And when we want to win, when we call on the world to support us, it is not just about an ordinary conflict.

It is about saving [the] lives of millions of people”. The urgency in his words wasn't just born from the dire situation in Ukraine, but also from the larger geopolitical narrative. Zelenskyy's speech in Ottawa was a significant moment in his North American tour, which was kickstarted by an appearance at the United Nations in New York.

Mixed Receptions on Foreign Soil

While his message is clear and unyielding, responses to Zelenskyy's plea have been mixed. Notably, his request to address the US Congress was declined. House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, explaining the refusal, stated simply, “We just didn’t have the time”.

However, north of the US border, Canada showcased a markedly different reaction. The Canadian leadership extended to Zelenskyy the rare distinction of delivering a second address before their Parliament. Standing in solidarity, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau assured increased aid for Ukraine.

His commitment was not just in words. As Trudeau elaborated, “Canada has provided nearly nine billion [Canadian] dollars in military, financial, and humanitarian support to Ukraine since Putin began his war of aggression”.

Further emphasizing Canada’s unwavering support, Trudeau revealed plans for a “longer-term, multiyear commitment that provides predictable steady support to Ukraine”, including a significant investment in armoured vehicles.

Zelenskyy's North American tour may have evoked varying responses, but his mission remains unchanged. As the world watches, this determined leader continues to rally for his country, making sure Ukraine's plea is heard loud and clear.

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