Bitcoin in the media: financial marketing strategy

Bitcoin has been mentioned on several series, podcast, show and social media

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Bitcoin in the media: financial marketing strategy
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Bitcoin has been mentioned on highly visible sites such as Slashdot or the technical column of Time. Episode 13 of the third season of The Good Wife and episode 9 of the eleventh season of The Big Bang Theory are dedicated to bitcoin.

The announcement that the blogging giant Automattic has adopted cryptocurrency as a payment method as of November 15, 2012 to escape the blockade adopted by PayPal and credit cards in more than 60 countries has received wide coverage in the international media.

On October 10, 2014, the film distributor Gravitas Venturas released The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, a documentary on Bitcoin technology, which can be considered the first film on this technology.

In an episode of Grey's Anatomy, a group of cyberterrorists manage to illegally break into the hospital's software, endangering the lives of patients and demanding a ransom of 5,000 bitcoins to free the hospital's network.

Aboit Bitcoin

Considering that miners can independently decide which transactions to include in a block, those who want to send bitcoins will have to pay a transfer fee, of variable value, to incentivize the choice of their transaction.

Depending on the amount you choose to pay as transfer fee, the transfer will take place in more or less time.

This mechanism constitutes an important incentive for miners, and will allow them to continue with their activity even when the difficulty of generating bitcoins increases or the amount of reward per block decreases over time.

Miners collect transaction fees associated with all transactions in their dedicated block.

By virtue of the open characteristics of the protocol and the original software written by the creator of the Bitcoin system, over time programs and libraries have been created that implement the Bitcoin protocol independently.

These implementations are often designed to simplify the use of bitcoin, for example by allowing the user to receive transactions without having to download the entire blockchain, or by downloading a reduced version of it.

Other software is able to connect to the original client to extend its functions or to facilitate its use. Still others are intended for use on devices on which the original client cannot run.