North Korea Defends Relations with Russia Amidst South Korean Criticism


North Korea Defends Relations with Russia Amidst South Korean Criticism
North Korea Defends Relations with Russia Amidst South Korean Criticism © Getty Images News/Chung Sung-Jun

In a recent rebuttal to South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol's remarks, North Korea has firmly defended its close ties with Russia. The response came after Yoon's criticism at the UN General Assembly, where he expressed concern over Pyongyang's partnership with Moscow, especially in the backdrop of the ongoing Ukraine conflict.

Strong Bonds Between Neighbors

North Korea, in an official statement through its state news agency KCNA, emphasized that maintaining close ties with neighboring countries is both "natural" and "normal." The article denounced President Yoon's comments, terming them as "malignant" defamation and further described him as a "messenger" of the USA.

"It is quite natural and normal for neighbouring countries to keep close relations with each other, and there is no reason to call such practice to account," the KCNA article stated.

A Focus on the Kim-Putin Meeting

Last week, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un concluded a week-long visit to Russia.

This high-profile meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin was centered around strengthening both military and economic ties between the two nations. However, the meeting raised eyebrows in international circles. Both U.S.

and South Korean officials have voiced their apprehensions about the potential implications of this partnership. The primary concern is that Russia might seek ammunition from North Korea to support its ongoing war in Ukraine.

On the flip side, North Korea's interest in this alliance is speculated to be driven by its pursuit of technological assistance for its nuclear and missile programs. It's crucial to note that any assistance to North Korea's weapons program stands in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

However, North Korea remains resolute in its stance. The KCNA commentary reaffirmed the country's commitment to its foreign policy and highlighted that it "will not be tied to anything, and its friendly and cooperative relations with the close neighbours will continue to grow stronger."

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