House Chairmen Allege Biden Family's Foreign Entanglements

In a significant turn of events, the impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden has taken center stage

by Faruk Imamovic
House Chairmen Allege Biden Family's Foreign Entanglements
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The impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden has taken center stage. Three House chairmen spearheading the inquiry have unveiled allegations suggesting that the Biden family received substantial funds from foreign entities and that the Justice Department may have hindered investigations aimed at tracing these funds to the White House.

The Justice Department's Alleged Interference

Reps. James Comer, Jim Jordan, and Jason Smith, in a detailed 30-page memo released to their colleagues, claim that the Department of Justice stymied attempts to investigate evidence that could incriminate President Biden.

According to the memo, the Department obstructed efforts to prosecute Hunter Biden, the President's son, for tax crimes connected to foreign business deals that could have potentially implicated the President. "Department of Justice personnel blocked avenues of inquiry that could have led to evidence incriminating President Biden," the memo stated.

Tracing the Money

A significant portion of the memo highlights the financial transactions related to Hunter Biden's businesses. It states that congressional investigators have uncovered bank records showing that between 2014 and 2018, $24 million in foreign funds were channeled into businesses linked to Hunter Biden and his associates.

Out of this sum, $15 million reportedly landed in the accounts of Biden family members or their ventures. The chairmen have underscored the questionable ties between the Biden family's business dealings and nations where Biden, both as Vice President and later as President, held a role in shaping U.S.

foreign policy. "The President has not been truthful about his family’s foreign business entanglements,” the memo pointed out. Casting further doubts over the President's declarations, the memo reminds readers of a statement made by then-presidential candidate Joe Biden in the weeks leading up to the 2020 Presidential election.

On national television, Biden had claimed that his family hadn't received any money from China. However, this assertion has been challenged by business associates who reportedly confirmed that Joe Biden had interactions with his family's Chinese partners, even during his tenure as Vice President.

Whistleblowers Join the Fray

Adding depth to the allegations, the memo indicates that whistleblowers from the IRS and FBI have stepped forward, providing evidence that suggests the Biden Administration may have obstructed the criminal investigation into Hunter Biden's dealings.

With the first impeachment inquiry hearing in Congress imminent, these revelations are set to intensify the political storm surrounding the Biden administration. The nation now awaits what promises to be a deeply contentious and closely watched proceeding.

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