Overheating Woes with the New iPhone 15: What's Behind the Heat?

In an era where technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, the iPhone 15's recent release on September 22 has not been without its issues

by Faruk Imamovic
Overheating Woes with the New iPhone 15: What's Behind the Heat?
© Getty Images News/Justin Sullivan

The iPhone 15's recent release on September 22 has not been without its issues. Eager users, hoping for a seamless experience with the latest model, have found themselves dealing with a hot piece of tech – and not in the way they might have hoped.

Doomscrolling and More: A Warmer Welcome from iPhone 15

If you've recently upgraded to the new iPhone 15, chances are you've felt the heat. Literally. Numerous users have reported their devices getting alarmingly hot during routine activities like gaming, using apps like Google Maps, or even when mindlessly scrolling through Instagram.

Some customers have described the devices as being too hot to handle – a concern for those investing in the brand's latest offering. Apple has since responded, attributing the issue not to the titanium design but to a glitch in their software.

In a statement to CNBC, an Apple spokesperson explained, "We have identified a few conditions which can cause the iPhone to run warmer than expected. We have found a bug in iOS 17 impacting some users, which will be addressed in an upcoming software update." Apple also shed light on issues concerning third-party apps that are overloading the system, assuring users that they are in collaboration with app developers to roll out necessary fixes.

A Matter of Perception or A Genuine Concern?

While Apple's website has pointed out that a slight increase in warmth is expected during certain activities - such as setting up the phone from a backup, wireless charging, or streaming high-quality videos - they maintain that unless the iPhone displays a temperature warning, it is safe for regular use.

Despite the heat complaints, the iPhone 15 seems to be enjoying robust sales. Many Apple stores witnessed long queues on launch day, and delivery times have sometimes extended into weeks. JPMorgan analysts observed that the demand for the latest models, particularly the 15 Pro Max, is considerably higher compared to previous versions.

However, not all forecasts are rosy. Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned Apple supply chain analyst, voiced concerns in a recent blog post. According to Kuo, the overheating issue could potentially dampen the iPhone 15's sales trajectory.

In the ever-evolving world of tech, it remains to be seen how this chapter will unfold for Apple and its loyal user base. As software updates roll out and third-party apps undergo modifications, one can only hope that the iPhone 15's heat will simmer down.