Finally: Putin presented the conditions for starting negotiations with Ukraine

It looks like we could soon see negotiations if both sides are willing

by Sededin Dedovic
Finally: Putin presented the conditions for starting negotiations with Ukraine
© Lintao Zhang / Getty Images

President Putin emphasized the importance of a diplomatic approach to resolving the ongoing tensions between the two nations. He underscored that dialogue and open communication channels are essential in addressing the complex issues at hand.

The Russian President expressed his hope for a peaceful resolution to the current situation and urged all parties involved to work towards a constructive and diplomatic solution. In this spirit, he extended an invitation to Ukrainian leaders to engage in meaningful talks that could pave the way for a more stable and peaceful future in the region.

"The president of Ukraine issued a decree that prohibits conducting peace negotiations with us. To everyone, and to himself. Well, how can you negotiate if they don't want to, they even issued a regulatory document that prohibits those negotiations," Putin said in an interview with China Central Television.

President Putin also highlighted the potential benefits of revoking the decree as a confidence-building measure, fostering an environment where both sides can openly discuss their concerns and work towards finding common ground.

He stressed that such a step could signal a genuine commitment to finding a peaceful and negotiated solution to the ongoing conflicts, ultimately leading to stability and prosperity in the region. Additionally, Putin expressed a willingness to reciprocate this gesture with corresponding actions, further underscoring his desire to promote a productive and harmonious dialogue between Russia and Ukraine.

He reaffirmed his belief in the power of diplomacy to address the complex geopolitical issues and conflicts, and he encouraged all parties to seize this opportunity for a peaceful resolution. "And to announce their readiness for those negotiations.

We are ready, including using the proposals of our Chinese friends," said Putin, as reported by RIA President Putin has expressed his readiness to engage in talks with Ukrainian President Zelensky. However, he has made it clear that the willingness to initiate negotiations should be a shared endeavor, and he is not inclined to supplicate Ukraine for dialogue.

From his perspective, he believes that Ukraine, rather than Russia, should be the party demonstrating a genuine desire to engage in discussions, given the current state of affairs. President Putin is of the opinion that Ukraine is in a more vulnerable position and, therefore, should take the first step in demonstrating its commitment to resolving the ongoing issues through diplomatic means.