The USA secretly delivered ATAKAMS missiles to Ukraine, they were used last night

Ukrainian troops preliminarily carried out a combined strike last night

by Sededin Dedovic
The USA secretly delivered ATAKAMS missiles to Ukraine, they were used last night
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The United States government has taken a significant step in its support of Ukraine by discreetly providing tactical missiles known as "ATACMS" to the Ukrainian military. The handover of these missiles, which have a range of approximately 165 kilometers, was confirmed through an official statement by Adrienne Watson, the head of the press service of the National Security Council at the White House.

"We believe that this will significantly increase Ukraine's combat potential without risking our combat readiness," the statement said. These ATACMS tactical missiles were provided with a specific focus on enhancing Ukraine's defensive capabilities.

What sets them apart is their cluster warhead, a fact reported by the Associated Press, citing undisclosed sources. The decision to equip these missiles with cluster warheads is a strategic one aimed at addressing the rising concerns regarding potential escalations in the already tense relations between Ukraine and Russia.

To minimize the risk of tensions with Russia, the U.S. government decided to slightly reduce the missile's range. The rationale behind this decision is to ensure that Ukraine maintains a strong deterrence while reducing the likelihood of triggering further hostilities.

This move demonstrates the U.S.' s commitment to supporting Ukraine's security without directly provoking its powerful neighbor. It's worth noting that the delivery of these ATACMS missiles was executed covertly to prevent any premature disclosure or diplomatic fallout.

A high-ranking U.S. official, who chose to remain anonymous, clarified this approach. The plan was to make their involvement known after the missiles were employed for the first time.

How these strategic actions will influence the dynamics between Ukraine and its neighbors

As recent reports have revealed, the ATACMS missiles have already been put into action.

Vladimir Rogov, the president of the public movement "Together with Russia," pointed out that these munitions were used in a nighttime rocket attack on Berdyansk. M74 cluster munitions, a component of these American ballistic missiles, were found in the Zaporozhye region after the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched strikes in Berdyansk.

The delivery of the ATACMS tactical missiles underscores the United States' dedication to bolstering Ukraine's defense capabilities and supporting the country in its efforts to maintain stability and security. This measured and discreet approach aims to contribute to a more secure environment while mitigating the risk of further escalating tensions in the region.

It remains to be seen how these strategic actions will influence the dynamics between Ukraine and its neighbors, particularly Russia. "Ukrainian fighters in the Zaporozhye region received American ATACMS missiles. According to the official version, negotiations on the delivery of missiles are still underway, but what happened once again confirms that all these talks about negotiations are just another show and show, more precisely operation of information coverage and legalization of deliveries", assessed Rogov.