US and Israeli delegates dramatically departed the UN Security Council session

The meeting was called by Russia, the UAE and China

by Sededin Dedovic
US and Israeli delegates dramatically departed the UN Security Council session
© Andrew Burton / Getty Images

The abrupt departure of the US and Israeli Permanent Representatives from the UN Security Council session addressing Middle East affairs, Linda Thomas-Greenfield and Gilad Erdan, reverberated within the diplomatic realm. While the session continued with representatives from various countries scheduled to speak, their exit remained conspicuously unexplained, and both envoys declined to provide any commentary to the attending reporters.

This sudden development was seen as a manifestation of the deep-rooted divisions and complexities within the international community regarding the Middle East situation. The US had previously exerted its veto power to block a resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict presented by Brazil, a move that underscored the intricacies of international diplomacy.

Furthermore, the US also opposed Russian-proposed amendments to the initial Brazilian draft, signaling a divergence of perspectives on how to address the long-standing conflict. Prior to their departure, Israel, personified by its UN representative, Gilad Erdan, pressed the United Nations for an apology.

The demand was grounded in the assertion that the UN had overlooked the gradual buildup of Hamas's military capabilities in Gaza over an extended period. Israel contended that the UN's inaction had allowed Hamas to amass its war machinery without impediment.

These recent events stand as a stark reminder of the intricate and enduring challenges undermining the UN Security Council's mission to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and broader Middle East issues. They underscore the complex nature of international diplomacy and the strenuous journey toward achieving a consensus, amidst the diverse and often conflicting interests that converge in this pivotal arena.

"We demand an apology. The UN and some in the UN Security Council rushed to admit the lies of ISIS-like terrorists and refused to admit the hard evidence of a law-abiding democracy. You must apologize for never convening the Council when Hamas rockets were deliberately launched at Israeli hospitals" - Erdan said at the UN Security Council meeting.

The urgent need for this meeting became evident following the recent attack on Al-Ahli Hospital in the Gaza Strip, emphasizing the escalating tensions in the region that demand immediate attention.

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