Upheaval: White House Informs Biden: No More Funds Available for Ukraine

The US federal budget has practically run out of funds that it had previously agreed upon

by Sededin Dedovic
Upheaval: White House Informs Biden: No More Funds Available for Ukraine
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The United States federal budget finds itself teetering on the brink of depletion, an alarming development that has raised concerns. Jake Sullivan, the White House National Security Adviser, sounded the warning, drawing attention to the diminishing funds that had been previously sanctioned by Congress for providing aid to Ukraine.

In light of this financial strain, a White House official urged swift congressional action to ensure that Ukraine's pressing needs are met. Sullivan further illuminated the situation by pointing out that the latest budget request submitted to Congress lacks specifics regarding the precise weapons systems destined for Kiev.

He acknowledged that states have introduced new weaponry into the mix over time. Nevertheless, he reassured that the administration will maintain open lines of communication with Congress and diligently seek their counsel before any allocation of fresh funds to Ukraine.

In a significant development, the administration of President Joseph Biden has made a fervent plea to the U.S. Congress. This plea implores the legislature to approve a substantial emergency aid package that is set to benefit both Israel and Ukraine.

This comprehensive package is valued at an astonishing $106 billion and includes provisions for the dire situation at the U.S. southern border as well as addressing other critical humanitarian needs. The reputable source "Politico" has reported on this important development, underlining the urgency of the situation.

Within the ambit of President Biden's multifaceted request, a staggering $61.4 billion is allocated for Ukraine, signaling a firm commitment to bolstering the nation's defenses and aiding in its resilience. Moreover, a substantial portion of $44.4 billion has been earmarked for equipping the U.S.

Department of Defense, facilitating the replenishment of weapon stockpiles and ensuring the continued provision of robust military support. It is crucial to note that President Biden has consistently articulated his belief that providing assistance to Ukraine and Israel represents a strategic and "smart investment." In the intricate geopolitical landscape, such investments serve not only to bolster the security of these nations but also to uphold and further American interests and partnerships in the region.

As these proposals make their way through the legislative process, the international community will be closely watching, mindful of the implications of these funding decisions on the global stage.

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