Pyongyang's Warning to the USA: Expect Tougher Challenge in Ukraine Than Afghanistan

Adriana Watson confirmed that Washington delivered missiles with a range of 165 kilometers to Kiev

by Sededin Dedovic
Pyongyang's Warning to the USA: Expect Tougher Challenge in Ukraine Than Afghanistan
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North Korea's ambassador to Russia, Sin Hall Chol, has articulated his profound concerns regarding the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, which he contends is being exacerbated and funded by the United States. He draws an unsettling parallel between this conflict and the enduring and complex war in Afghanistan, foreseeing it as a situation that could potentially ensnare Washington and have far-reaching implications for its global interests.

These remarks were conveyed through the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). Ambassador Sin Hall Chol posits that the substantial financial investments made by the United States in the Ukrainian conflict, predominantly derived from the taxes of its own population, stand in stark contrast to the broader interests of Europe, which are oriented towards the establishment of a multipolar world order.

He asserts that this prolonged engagement will leave an indelible mark in history, akin to the Afghan conflict, with consequences that could significantly impact the U.S. on the global stage. In his statements, the ambassador emphasizes the recent delivery of American missiles to Ukraine, characterizing this action as part of the ongoing proxy war fueled by the U.S.

in Ukraine. He argues that the underlying motive behind this missile delivery is to exhaust and weaken Europe, which could ultimately enable the U.S. to assert even greater influence and control in the region. Moreover, Ambassador Sin Hall Chol harbors grave reservations about the intended use of these missiles by Ukraine.

Despite assurances from the Pentagon that the missiles are solely meant for defensive purposes, he remains skeptical and believes that, over time, these advanced missiles might find their way into offensive actions against Russian territory.

Such a development could have grave geopolitical consequences and further complicate the already tense relationship between Ukraine and Russia. It's worth noting that previously, the U.S. National Security Council's representative, Adrian Watson, confirmed the transfer of these missiles to Ukraine.

These missiles are reported to have an estimated range of 165 kilometers, with sources suggesting that Ukraine received between 10 to 20 of them. This recent development underscores the deepening involvement of the U.S. in the Ukrainian conflict, which Ambassador Sin Hall Chol perceives as a situation with the potential to become another complex and protracted military engagement, akin to the challenging legacy of the U.S.

involvement in Afghanistan. The ambassador's apprehensions underscore the gravity of the situation and the international implications that could stem from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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