UAW Continues Strike as Automakers Offer Record Contracts


UAW Continues Strike as Automakers Offer Record Contracts
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The United Auto Workers (UAW) union remains in a standoff with the three major automakers despite receiving what have been dubbed "record contracts." As the strike nears its sixth week, the union has made it clear that the proposed deals from General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis aren't sufficient, pushing for even more favorable terms.

"More to be Won"

During a Facebook Live negotiation update on Friday, UAW President Shawn Fain expressed to members that while the offers are already historic, the fight is far from over. "In my opinion, and in the opinions of the vice presidents and in the opinion of your national negotiators, there is more to be won," he stated.

Emphasizing the gravity of the current negotiations, Fain highlighted the historical context. "These are already record contracts,” he said, "But they come at the end of decades of record decline. So it’s not enough to be the best ever”.

It's clear that the UAW views these negotiations not just in the context of the present moment, but as a reflection on years of industry changes and challenges.

Automakers Respond

Earlier that same day, General Motors unveiled the specifics of its latest proposal to the UAW.

It promised an immediate 10% pay raise, followed by another 13 percentage points of pay hikes over the life of a contract set to extend till early 2028. This offer marked a considerable improvement over GM's previous propositions.

While GM chose not to respond directly to Fain's comments, Stellantis hinted at productive talks in their statement: “Negotiations between Stellantis and the UAW continue to be productive, building on the momentum from the past several weeks.

We have made progress on narrowing the gaps on significant issues." Ford, on the other hand, acknowledged the pain the ongoing strike is causing its workers. The company expressed its desire to end the impasse, asserting: “We know that our UAW employees are hurting in this prolonged strike because of lost wages and lost profit sharing.

We’re eager to conclude these negotiations with a contract that meaningfully improves their lives and provides a strong future for everyone. We look forward to coming together to build a great company that supports good jobs for generations to come”.