Israel formed a special Death Squad: They have already received their first task


Israel formed a special Death Squad: They have already received their first task
© Shaul Schwarz / Getty Images

In a covert maneuver of strategic significance, a newly established Israeli elite counter-terrorism task force has been deployed with a laser-sharp focus on countering threats posed by Hamas terrorists. The formation of this highly classified unit, codenamed 'Nili,' was the result of a collaborative effort between the enigmatic Mossad intelligence agency and the elite Shin Bet security unit.

Their collective mission revolves around executing precise operations designed to neutralize individuals associated with the Hamas organization. This specialized group has been entrusted with a singularly vital duty - to track down and eliminate any Hamas members who had any involvement in the tragic October 7th incident, a pivotal event that ignited the conflict between Israel and the militant group.

A noteworthy aspect of Nili's operation is its independence from conventional command and control structures, a detail confirmed by a report published in the 'Jerusalem Post.' At the helm of their priority list is the elusive figure, Muhammad Deif, a man who has astonishingly managed to evade numerous assassination attempts.

Deif's role within Hamas is that of the military commander. Adding intrigue to the situation is the potential presence of Jahja Svinar, a significant figure in the political wing of the organization, often referred to as the 'Palestinian Bin Laden.'

There are suspicions that Svinar could be affiliated with Nili, given allegations of his involvement in orchestrating an attack that led to the loss of 1,300 Israeli lives just a couple of weeks ago. In a revelation that has left many astonished, it has come to light that Svinar underwent a surgical procedure for a brain tumor during his imprisonment in Israel, where he spent an extensive 24 years behind bars.

He regained his freedom in 2011 as part of a prisoner exchange, securing the release of long-held captive Gilad Shalit, a development reported by the 'Daily Star.' This formation of 'Nili' represents a critical juncture in the ongoing conflict and showcases the intricate web of covert operations and intelligence that defines this high-stakes theater of counter-terrorism in the Middle East.