CNN: Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza will become a mass grave

Gaza's largest hospital will become a "mass grave" if it runs out of fuel, Hassan Abu-Sita told CNN today.

by Sededin Dedovic
CNN: Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza will become a mass grave
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If Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza runs out of fuel, it will transform into a nightmarish site akin to a mass grave," cautioned Dr. Hassan Abu-Sita, a British-Palestinian medical professional currently serving at the hospital, during a recent interview with CNN.

The pressing concern at hand is whether the hospital can maintain its functionality in the absence of electrical power. Dr. Abu-Sita, with a heavy heart, opined, "In the event of a power failure, Al-Shifa Hospital would be rendered incapacitated and potentially transform into a mass grave." Currently, the hospital is grappling with an acute power crisis.

Over 150 patients are reliant on ventilators to sustain their lives, and the lack of electricity has paralyzed the operation rooms and anesthesia machines. This has led to a severe disruption in the hospital's capacity to provide essential care.

The hospital finds itself in a dire situation with approximately 1,700 wounded patients, which is three times its standard operational capacity. Dr. Abu-Sita underscored that as a result of prolonged and recurrent power outages, Al-Shifa Hospital is progressively becoming nonviable as a healthcare facility.

International attention are urgently required to ensure Al-Shifa can continue to provide essential medical care

This critical situation also poses a threat to the maternity and neonatal unit, one of the most extensive in Gaza.

The unit houses over 15 incubators, and should the electricity supply falter, these vital machines would cease to operate, putting countless newborns at risk. The power crisis at Al-Shifa Hospital reflects the broader challenges faced by Gaza's healthcare infrastructure, which has been subject to severe limitations for a prolonged period.

International attention and humanitarian assistance are urgently required to ensure that hospitals like Al-Shifa can continue to provide essential medical care to the people of Gaza. Dr. Abu-Sita's stark warning serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need to address the healthcare crisis in Gaza, where the lives of countless patients, including those in the maternity and neonatal unit, hang in the balance due to the fragile power supply.