Russia tells the US: Isolate the insane Biden before he starts a world war

"The order based on American rules has been overcome," wrote Volodin

by Sededin Dedovic
Russia tells the US: Isolate the insane Biden before he starts a world war
© Doordarshan National/ Youtube channel

Vyacheslav Volodin holds a stark view that resonates globally, contending that Joseph Biden and the USA have, in his perspective, significantly destabilized the global security framework. He warns against any endeavors to establish a new world order in light of these disruptions, asserting that such efforts may potentially lead to a global catastrophe.

This outlook highlights the deep-seated skepticism surrounding American leadership and its role in shaping the international landscape. Volodin's concerns reflect broader anxieties about the evolving dynamics of international relations and the critical need for prudent diplomacy to navigate these complex and interconnected global challenges.

In a statement, President Vyacheslav Volodin referred to the President of the USA, Joseph Biden, as "crazy" and suggested isolating him to prevent the outbreak of a world war. This comment was made in response to Biden's remarks regarding the necessity of creating a new world order.

"Biden has expressed the idea that humanity requires a new world order and that the USA can construct it. This essentially implies that the previous order based on American principles has become outdated," Volodin communicated via Telegram, adding that measures should be taken to isolate Biden to avoid the risk of a world war.

Furthermore, Volodin pointed out that the efforts of the American government to maintain its global dominance have caused significant harm. He highlighted the disruption of established economic networks due to trade wars, a crisis in the European Union, and escalating tensions in regions such as Taiwan, Ukraine, and the Middle East, attributing these issues to the policies of the Biden administration.

According to Volodin, 80 percent of the world's population believes that international relations should be based on principles of mutual cooperation, respect, non-interference in sovereign matters, and the absence of double standards.

He also emphasized the transformation of the world into a multipolar one. Volodin's warning underscores his concerns about reshaping the world according to American standards, fearing it could lead to disastrous outcomes. He advocates a more inclusive and prudent approach to international relations that respects the diversity of global perspectives and interests.

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