Breaking: Zelensky: "Russians are fleeing Crimea, this is a historic achievement"

His comments came in a video address at a security conference in Prague

by Sededin Dedovic
Breaking: Zelensky: "Russians are fleeing Crimea, this is a historic achievement"
© Hannibal Hanschke / Getty Images

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently made a resolute declaration that Ukraine would persist in applying military pressure on the Russian-occupied region of Crimea. These statements were conveyed during a video address he delivered at a security conference held in Prague, which regrettably suffered from technical disruptions and possible hacking attempts, according to Reuters.

Kiev has been notably escalating its offensive operations against Russian forces both in the Black Sea and Crimea, areas that fell under Moscow's control and were subsequently annexed in 2014. This intensification of military activity is part of Ukraine's ongoing nearly five-month counteroffensive campaign.

During Zelensky's address, his remarks were consistently marred by technical difficulties, such as one that intermittently altered the pitch of his voice. Nevertheless, his message was unmistakable. He emphasized that the longstanding "illusion" of Russia's dominance over the Crimean Peninsula and the Black Sea had been shattered, marking a significant turning point in the ongoing conflict.

Zelensky's words were unequivocal: "The Russian (Black Sea) fleet is no longer able to operate in the western part of the Black Sea and is gradually fleeing from Crimea. And this is a historic achievement." This assertion underscores Ukraine's resolute commitment to challenging Russia's presence in the Black Sea region, further symbolizing a shift in the balance of power.

Meanwhile, in a disconcerting development, it was reported that Russia launched more than 150 attacks on the Zaporozhye region just a day prior. The governor of the Zaporizhzhya region, Yuri Malaško, revealed that these attacks comprised a range of activities, including shelling, downing of aircraft, drone assaults, and anti-aircraft missile strikes.

Although these attacks resulted in significant damage to residential buildings and infrastructure, there were no reported casualties. The situation in the Zaporozhye region serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing volatility and danger faced by Ukraine as it defends its territorial integrity.

Zelensky's announcement, coupled with the continuous acts of aggression from Russia, exemplifies the complex and enduring nature of the conflict, as both sides remain deeply entrenched in their respective positions, with no immediate resolution in sight.