Trump Claims Russia Stole 'Super-Duper' Missile Design; Kremlin's Swift Response

It's hard for me to say whether our missile fits Mr. Trump's notion of being "super-duper" said Peskov

by Sededin Dedovic
Trump Claims Russia Stole 'Super-Duper' Missile Design; Kremlin's Swift Response
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Dmitry Peskov, the official spokesperson for President Vladimir Putin of Russia, has issued a response to the recent comments made by former U.S. President Donald Trump concerning Russia's alleged theft of "super-duper" missile blueprints from the United States.

Speaking to the RIA agency, Peskov asserted that Russia possesses its own exceptional missile technology, one that stands unparalleled globally. In a public rally held in New Hampshire, Donald Trump claimed that Russia had managed to pilfer blueprints for a "super-duper missile" from the United States during the Obama administration, emphasizing its extraordinary speed.

Peskov's response was characterized by a certain level of diplomatic restraint. He acknowledged Trump's remarks and then proudly touted Russia's own missile capabilities. "We have our rocket, a great rocket," he stated. "It's challenging for me to determine whether our missile aligns with Mr.

Trump's notion of 'super-duper.' Nevertheless, it is a highly advanced rocket, one that remains unmatched worldwide and then some," he shared with reporters when pressed for his thoughts on the former U.S. president's claims.

This response not only addresses the allegations but also underscores Russia's confidence in its military capabilities. Peskov chose not to engage in a direct tit-for-tat, instead emphasizing the uniqueness of Russia's missile technology and its superiority on the global stage.

Russia's response not only underscores its military prowess but also aligns with its longstanding policy of self-reliance in military and technological spheres. By doing so, Russia conveys a powerful message both at home and abroad, emphasizing its steadfast commitment to maintaining a strong, independent position in missile technology and ensuring that its capabilities remain a source of pride and confidence for the nation while resonating with a global audience.

The choice of words in Peskov's statement underscores a careful balance between acknowledging the former U.S. president's statements and projecting an image of confidence and composure on Russia's part. While Trump's comments may have been provocative, Peskov's response adheres to the decorum of diplomatic exchanges, keeping the focus on Russia's capabilities rather than engaging in a back-and-forth rhetoric.