From Russia : "Putin is Gravely ill and Unlikely to Survive Until the End of Autumn"

The Russian president suffered a "cardiac arrest" and collapsed in his bedroom on Sunday, the British "Mirror" reported, citing a statement from the Telegram channel

by Sededin Dedovic
From Russia : "Putin is Gravely ill and Unlikely to Survive Until the End of Autumn"
© Matthew Stockman / Getty Images

If numerous alleged sources within the Kremlin are to be believed, Russian President Vladimir Putin's health has been a subject of speculation, with claims ranging from serious illnesses like cancer and Parkinson's disease to the use of doubles to impersonate him at public events.

However, the veracity of these claims remains uncertain. Even prior to the commencement of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, there were persistent rumors regarding the Russian president's health, as well as allegations that his look-alikes were appearing at public functions on his behalf.

These rumors have now reached a new level. On a recent Sunday, reports from the British publication "Mirror," citing a statement from the Telegram channel General SVR, which monitors the Kremlin, indicated that President Putin experienced a "cardiac arrest" and collapsed in his bedroom.

According to the report, medical professionals had to administer resuscitation to Putin before transferring him to a specialized intensive care unit located at his official residence. The General SVR channel asserted, "Doctors initiated resuscitation after determining that the president had suffered a cardiac arrest.

Timely assistance was provided, his heart was successfully restarted, and Putin regained consciousness." In the past few years, there have been various reports suggesting that Putin, who is 71 years old, has been contending with multiple health issues, although the Kremlin has consistently denied these claims.

General SVR, which alleges to have an insider source, reported that around 21:05 Moscow time, security personnel of the Russian prime minister heard sounds of commotion and objects falling within the president's bedroom.

The announcement states: "Two security officers promptly entered the president's bedroom and found Putin on the floor beside the bed, along with an overturned table bearing food and drinks. It is presumed that when the president fell, he collided with the table and dishes, causing them to crash to the floor, resulting in a disturbance.

Putin was observed writhing convulsively on the floor, with rolling eyes. The doctors, who were on duty within the residence and situated in one of the adjacent rooms, were immediately summoned." This episode of cardiac arrest, it is further disclosed, has greatly unsettled those in the president's inner circle, notwithstanding the attending physicians' prior warnings that Putin is gravely ill and unlikely to survive until the end of autumn.