Social Network X Introduces Audio and Video Calls, But Do Users Really Want It?


Social Network X Introduces Audio and Video Calls, But Do Users Really Want It?
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In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Social Network X, previously known as Twitter, has unveiled a new feature: audio and video call functions. This development aims to "take messaging to the next level," as stated by the app.

However, the question on many users' minds is: Was this a feature that was actually in demand? With the rollout of this feature, users can choose to accept audio and video calls based on various criteria – from people in their address book, those they follow, or only from verified users.

This move is in line with CEO Linda Yaccarino's announcement back in August where she hinted at the platform's transformation into an "everything app." This shift, she believes, is pivotal to X's trajectory toward becoming an "app for everyone," reflecting the vision of its owner, Elon Musk.

Security and Privacy Concerns Amid New Features

As users log into X, they might be met with a banner exclaiming, "Audio and Video calls are here!" complete with a how-to guide for leveraging these new features. The convenience is clear, with options nestled under the "settings" tab in Direct Messages.

Users who prioritize safety have the autonomy to approve calls exclusively from verified accounts or those they personally know. Yet, herein lies a critical concern. Given X's tumultuous history concerning the safety and well-being of its users, particularly within minority communities, there's speculation that a significant portion of its user base might sidestep these features entirely.

To compound this apprehension, the feature, somewhat controversially, is enabled by default. Not all users will even be alerted to its activation on their profiles. Given these circumstances, it might be wise for X's patrons to navigate to their settings posthaste, evaluating whether they'd like to retain this functionality or disable it for peace of mind.

While Social Network X's endeavor to diversify its features and cement its position as a multifaceted platform is evident, the real verdict will come from its vast user base. Only time will tell if this latest feature resonates with them or fades into the background as just another forgotten update.