From Twitter to X: A Year of Transformation

On the anniversary of its evolution from Twitter to X, we delve deep into the platform's transformative journey over the past year.

by Faruk Imamovic
From Twitter to X: A Year of Transformation
© Getty Images Entertainment/Slaven Vlasic

On the anniversary of its evolution from Twitter to X, we delve deep into the platform's transformative journey over the past year. Linda Yaccarino's recent reflection provides a comprehensive look into the monumental strides taken under new ownership and management.

A Beacon of Free Speech and Safety

For many platforms, balancing freedom of expression with user safety is a tightrope walk. Not so for X. Linda shares, "X is now a place where everyone can freely express themselves, so long as they do so within the bounds of the law." This newfound commitment to open discourse doesn't come at the expense of user safety.

Their trust and safety team works tirelessly, ensuring the platform remains devoid of hate speech, platform manipulation, and other violations. Partnering with organizations like the Anti-Defamation League and Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism ensures the platform remains updated on potential threats.

Engagement Metrics Speak Volumes

With over 7.8 billion active minutes daily, the platform's users are more engaged than ever, averaging over 32 minutes on X daily. Half a billion of the world's most informed and influential individuals make X their monthly destination.

With rigorous measures to eliminate spam and inauthentic accounts, X ensures an authentic user experience.

Tackling Misinformation

Misinformation is a modern-day scourge, and X's approach to combat it is nothing short of revolutionary.

Their Community Notes initiative, boasting over 100k contributors worldwide, strives to provide clarity in our age of information overload. These notes, viewed tens of millions of times daily, stand as a testament to X's commitment to reliable and timely information.

Reimagining Connectivity: The 'Everything App'

In a bold move, Twitter was rebranded to X, evolving into the "everything app." This platform transcends conventional social media, facilitating global interactions across multiple avenues.

From enhanced messaging and video call features for premium subscribers to the introduction of "X Hiring," the platform’s utility seems boundless.

Empowering Creators and Advertisers

X's mission extends beyond connectivity.

It's about empowerment. Creators, both big and small, find solace in X's relaunched Creator Subscriptions and ad revenue sharing programs. Advertisers, too, benefit from novel features ensuring brand safety, with the average brand safety score on X exceeding 99%.

Preparing for a Brighter Tomorrow

X's impressive journey over the past year, from extensive product innovation to corporate restructuring, paints a promising picture for the platform's future. As Linda aptly concludes, "One year in, the future of X is bright." To the ever-expanding X community, their partners, and everyone who has been part of this transformational journey, the world watches with bated breath, eager to see where the next year will take them.