Live: IDF: "We have entered Gaza and are expanding operations"

In the Midst of Conflict: Urgent Calls for Peace as Gaza Ground Invasion Continues

by Sededin Dedovic
Live: IDF: "We have entered Gaza and are expanding operations"
© Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

The twenty-first day of the conflict in Israel has brought a significant development as the Israeli army initiated a ground invasion in the Gaza Strip. This move followed a call for a ceasefire by the official Tel Aviv, prompted by the United Nations General Assembly's recent passing of a resolution urging a "humanitarian ceasefire." As a result of these escalating hostilities, communication with individuals in Gaza has become nearly impossible, with phone and internet services being abruptly severed.

In a recent statement, the Israeli army disclosed that it had commenced its ground operation by entering the northern part of the Gaza Strip. This operation marked an expansion of military activities in this beleaguered Palestinian enclave.

According to army spokesman Daniel Hagari, this multifaceted offensive involved infantry, armored, engineering, and artillery forces, supported by heavy aerial firepower, as reported by the Times of Israel. The ground invasion represents a significant escalation in the hostilities Hagari emphasized that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are currently on the ground and actively engaged in combat.

Remarkably, he reported that, as of now, no Israeli soldiers have been injured during the expanded ground operation in the Gaza Strip. He acknowledged the gravity of the situation, stating unequivocally that "this is war." Nevertheless, he underscored that the IDF's actions are characterized by a sense of control and a strategic approach, reflecting a calculated response to the ongoing conflict.

The twenty-first day of this ongoing conflict has brought about a tense and unpredictable atmosphere, with challenges intensifying as the Israeli ground invasion unfolds. The international community's resounding call for a ceasefire highlights the acute need to address the dire humanitarian situation in the region.

As the world closely monitors the situation, there is a collective yearning for a swift and peaceful resolution that would finally bring relief to the countless individuals enduring the tragic consequences of this protracted conflict.

The fate of those caught in the crossfire hangs in the balance, and the hopes for an end to their suffering persist as the days pass. From the direction of the Gaza Strip, throughout the morning, rocket attacks are being carried out on numerous Israeli border settlements, the Times of Israel reports.