Massive Pro-Palestinian Rally in Istanbul Calls for Military Action Against Israel

One of the protest leaders who is very close to President Erdoğan says that enough talk is enough, it's time to act

by Sededin Dedovic
Massive Pro-Palestinian Rally in Istanbul Calls for Military Action Against Israel
© Burak Kara / Getty Images

An Istanbul rally, organized by a key figure from Erdogan's ruling coalition, has ushered in a new narrative, signaling that the era of convening such gatherings might be behind us. This perspective, as reported by Al Jazeera's correspondent, underscores the shifting dynamics in Turkish politics.

In the heart of Istanbul, a significant pro-Palestinian demonstration is currently underway, closely monitored by Al Jazeera's seasoned journalist, Osama bin Javaid. What is striking is the palpable transformation in the demeanor of Turkey's President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which has taken a notably uncompromising turn in the recent days.

The rally, a platform for passionate pro-Palestinian sentiments, seems to reflect a broader transformation in Turkey's political landscape. The statements from the coalition organizer hint at an evolving political climate, suggesting that the customary recourse to public demonstrations might be giving way to alternative avenues of expression.

As Turkey's leadership undergoes shifts, the rally in Istanbul serves as a vivid symbol of the evolving dynamics within the nation, drawing attention to the increasingly assertive stance of President Erdogan. "He called the members of Hamas mujahideen, freedom fighters, while Israel called for an end to this madness.

And then he called this meeting, just a day before the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic. Thousands of people are already here. The organizers say they expect a million. There is growing anger on the streets of Turkey.

For weeks, citizens across the country have been going to rallies in large numbers, expressing solidarity with the Palestinians, shouting anti-Israeli slogans." "One of the organizers of this rally, from Erdogan's ruling coalition, told us last night that the time for calling for rallies has passed, that the citizens of Turkey and the ruling coalition believe that the governments of Muslim-majority countries must act because Israel only understands strength and that is what They have to show Tel Aviv.

Therefore, today's message will also be that something concrete must be done to stop the attack on Palestine."