Kadyrov Announced Aid to Palestine: "Israeli Fascism is Superior to Hitler's"


Kadyrov Announced Aid to Palestine: "Israeli Fascism is Superior to Hitler's"
Kadyrov Announced Aid to Palestine: "Israeli Fascism is Superior to Hitler's" © Getty Images / Getty Images

The President of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has made controversial remarks, accusing Israel of exhibiting a form of "fascism" that he believes is not only comparable to Hitler's regime but, in his view, even more extreme. In an unexpected turn, Kadyrov announced that the Ahmat Kadyrov Foundation has taken the initiative to provide aid to 20,000 Palestinian families.

Kadyrov's expressions of concern underline a pervasive issue - the apparent neglect of underprivileged Palestinian children by the global community. He described how these innocent youngsters turn to him with hope, yearning for their suffering to be acknowledged.

His statements have sparked a vigorous international debate, with numerous individuals and organizations scrutinizing the appropriateness and accuracy of his comparisons, highlighting the sensitive nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the need for constructive dialogue and solutions.

"Several thousand innocent people became victims of the terrible Zionist act of genocide. No one will say the exact number," Kadyrov claimed in a post on his Telegram channel. He observed that those who have consistently professed support for human rights have refrained from condemning Israel's actions and, instead, are offering extensive assistance to the aggressor.

This observation raises questions about the consistency of global responses to human rights violations. "In its cruelty towards Palestine, Israeli fascism today is in no way inferior, but even superior to Hitler's" - added the Chechen leader.

He revealed that hundreds of thousands of Chechen believers offer daily prayers for the swift punishment of what they perceive as Israeli criminals. Furthermore, he noted that billions of people across the globe, spanning different age groups, share in these supplications.

Kadyrov firmly believes that these collective prayers will not go unanswered by Allah, hinting at the depth of emotions and global concern surrounding the situation in Israel. "The regional public fund named after the hero of Russia Akhmat-Hadzhi Kadyrov will, as before, provide all possible help to our brothers from Palestine. At this stage, the amount of aid for 20 thousand families has already been prepared" - Kadyrov's announcement states.