Dagestan Airport Incident: Israel Urges Russia to Protect its Citizens and Jews


Dagestan Airport Incident: Israel Urges Russia to Protect its Citizens and Jews
Dagestan Airport Incident: Israel Urges Russia to Protect its Citizens and Jews © X/@AvivaKlompas

In a recent alarming episode, Israel has implored Russia to ensure the safety of all Israeli nationals and Jews following an unsettling event at an airport in Dagestan. An unidentified group, reportedly chanting anti-Semitic slogans, stormed the Makhachkala airport, specifically targeting those arriving from Tel Aviv.

Videos Emerge on Social Media

Footage, the authenticity of which remains unverified, has surfaced on various social platforms depicting the group charging through the airport. Disturbingly, some members of this mob made their way onto the runways, encircling aircrafts.

These videos, if authentic, highlight the blatant display of anti-Semitism and the brazen audacity of the culprits.

Swift Condemnation and Calls for Action

The Israeli Prime Minister's office, headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, reacted promptly, emphasizing the urgency for Russia to take decisive action against any form of incitement leading to violence against Jews and Israelis.

In response, the Russian Aviation Agency reportedly sealed off the Makhachkala airport while deploying security personnel to the scene.

Dagestan's Response to the Chaos

Dagestan, a predominantly Muslim Russian republic with a 3.1 million-strong population, denounced the incident.

In a swift move towards ensuring justice and upholding law and order, the Dagestani government initiated criminal proceedings, citing incitement of riots as the primary charge. Furthermore, they appealed to their citizens to allow smooth operations at the airport and refrain from actions that might disrupt peace.

Diplomatic Cooperation

Further echoing the concerns and shedding light on diplomatic undertakings, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel revealed that their ambassador in Moscow is actively collaborating with the Russian authorities.

They labelled the airport incident as a blatant attempt to target Israeli nationals and Jews. Emphasizing their expectations, the ministry has urged Russia to not only safeguard Israeli citizens and Jews but also adopt stringent measures against those instigating violence and spreading hate. The BBC, one of the world's leading news agencies, further corroborated these statements.


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