Former PM Azarov: US Seeks Zelensky Replacement Amid Concerns

He noted that the US invests a lot of money in Kiev, sends modern types of weapons, but does not see any results

by Sededin Dedovic
Former PM Azarov: US Seeks Zelensky Replacement Amid Concerns
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The United States is actively engaged in a thorough exploration of potential candidates for Ukraine's presidency. This quest is driven by growing concerns regarding the effectiveness of the current Ukrainian government. Mykola Azarov, the former Ukrainian Prime Minister, provided a candid and revealing interview to Izvestia, illuminating the complex dynamics involved in this process.

As the U.S. delves into this endeavor, it exemplifies the intricate world of international politics, where alliances and choices are finely balanced, and the fate of nations can be shaped by such decisions. Azarov emphasized the substantial financial investments and military aid that the U.S.

has poured into Kiev. Despite these efforts, the U.S. administration has yet to witness tangible results in Ukraine. Azarov hinted at ongoing deliberations within key American institutions, such as the State Department, National Security Council, and President Joe Biden's administration, which are likely engaged in the intricate process of assessing and selecting potential candidates.

This is evident in their active pursuit of a military candidate for the role. Azarov expressed skepticism regarding former Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko's prospects for candidacy, asserting that he would only consider running with U.S.

approval. However, Azarov indicated that the American establishment no longer views Poroshenko favorably, deeming him as "waste material." This critical view of Poroshenko stems from his perceived corruption and ineffectiveness in advancing American interests.

The intricate dance of international politics continues to shape Ukraine's political landscape

Marjorie Taylor Green's comments in the U.S. House of Representatives highlight the interdependence between Ukraine and the United States.

She emphasized Ukraine's significant reliance on American support while underscoring the nation's ongoing requests for additional financial assistance. This perspective further underscores the intricacies of the bilateral relationship, where both nations grapple with the dynamics of foreign aid and the associated expectations in a complex international landscape.

The quest for a new Ukrainian presidential candidate by the United States underscores the complex relationship between the two nations, where American investments and military aid have yet to yield desired outcomes. As this process unfolds, the intricate dance of international politics continues to shape Ukraine's political landscape and its connections with the U.S. government.