Putin Accuses the West of Destabilizing Dagestan: A Closer Look


Putin Accuses the West of Destabilizing Dagestan: A Closer Look
Putin Accuses the West of Destabilizing Dagestan: A Closer Look © Getty Images News/Pool

In an extended meeting focused on the situation in Dagestan, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a series of accusations aimed primarily at the United States. While Russia has often framed itself as the victim of Western machinations, the details and intensity of Putin's recent remarks reveal heightened tensions between Moscow and the West.

A Web of Accusations

Putin began by addressing what he believes are external attempts to destabilize and divide Russian society. He stated, "The President announced attempts to destabilize and split Russian society from the outside, including with the help of sophisticated technologies." Implicit in this message is the notion that foreign entities are exploiting technological tools to sow discord within Russia.

Continuing with this theme, Putin targeted the US elites, claiming that they benefit from global instability. According to him, the "US elites and their satellites are the main beneficiaries of global instability." He went further, arguing that the U.S.

wants to "contain and destabilize their competitors by using chaos." The Middle East was also a significant topic. Instead of targeting terrorists, Putin believes that some states "began to take revenge on the principle of collective responsibility." He emphasized the need to create a full-fledged Palestinian state as a pivotal solution to resolving the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

Social Media: A Modern Battlefield

Putin linked the disturbances in Makhachkala, Dagestan's capital, to external forces, suggesting that they were stirred, in part, through social media campaigns originating from Ukraine and orchestrated by Western intelligence agencies.

The Russian leader didn't stop at geopolitical implications; he also took a moment to offer personal advice, saying, "one should not be guided by emotions." This might be an attempt to cool the flames of any potential reactionary movements or sentiments among the Russian populace.

The USA's Declining Influence?

Portraying a vision of a waning American influence, Putin stated, "The USA is weakening and losing its position, the world 'American style' is becoming a thing of the past." Furthermore, Putin accused the U.S.

of attempting to fracture Russia from within and of manipulating individuals in Ukraine for their ends. In a particularly strong statement, he accused Western powers of inciting violence in Russia, challenging them to investigate their special service activities in Ukraine, referring to such actions as "scum."

On the Ground in Dagestan

Post the Dagestan upheaval, swift action was taken by local law enforcement.

The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the North Caucasus Federal District reported that 83 individuals involved in illicit activities at the Makhachkala airport had been detained. Police also executed over 50 searches, confiscating office equipment and phones.

In this climate of mistrust and tension, it's essential to keep an open dialogue to ensure that miscommunication does not lead to larger conflicts. The world watches closely, hoping for peaceful resolutions and understanding.

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