On Her 18th: Princess Leonor Steps Up with a Royal Pledge


On Her 18th: Princess Leonor Steps Up with a Royal Pledge
On Her 18th: Princess Leonor Steps Up with a Royal Pledge © Getty Images Entertainment/Handout

Princess Leonor, the daughter of King Felipe VI, turns 18 and is set to shoulder more significant responsibilities within Spain's political landscape. As the heir to the crown, this milestone not only symbolizes her transition into adulthood but also her stepping stone into the intricate dance of Spain's state affairs.

Swearing Allegiance to the Crown

Today, in a ceremonious event at the state parliament, Princess Leonor will take the oath to the Spanish Constitution, reaffirming her allegiance to the country and her role as the future monarch.

This ritual, deeply rooted in tradition, will have the young princess uttering the same words her father, King Felipe VI, did on January 30, 1986. This act signifies not only the continuation of the royal lineage but also the steadfast commitment of the royal family to Spain's constitutional framework.

The Spanish media, with its keen interest in every aspect of the young princess's life, also highlighted her recent accomplishments. Leonor's leadership was on display when she chaired the prestigious Princess of Asturias Awards on October 20.

Among those honored at the event were internationally renowned writer Haruki Murakami and legendary actress Meryl Streep.

The Making of a Future Queen

Leonor's character and charisma have been subjects of intrigue and admiration.

Many seasoned journalists in Spain draw parallels between her and her father, noting similarities in their leadership traits. But while much remains unknown about Princess Leonor's personal reflections—given she hasn't yet indulged the media with interviews—some insights into her persona come from those who've interacted with her in more intimate settings.

Earlier this year, as she received her school leaving diploma in Wales, her fellow students' applause and her tutor's accolades spoke volumes. The tutor described her as having an "unwavering passion for learning, for understanding people, and exploring diverse perspectives," further lauding her sense of humor.

Currently, Princess Leonor is undergoing basic military training at an academy in Zaragoza, a northeastern Spanish city. A testimony to her diverse upbringing and education, she is multilingual, speaking English, French, Catalan—a regional language of northeastern Spain, and has proficiency in Arabic.

Princess Leonor's journey from a royal child to a young woman ready to embrace her destined role unfolds, marking a new chapter in Spain's rich tapestry of monarchical history.


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