EU Raises Alarm Over Settler Attacks in West Bank Amid Gaza Conflict


EU Raises Alarm Over Settler Attacks in West Bank Amid Gaza Conflict
EU Raises Alarm Over Settler Attacks in West Bank Amid Gaza Conflict © Getty Images News/Amir Levy

In a stern condemnation, the European Union (EU) has expressed its deep concerns over the rising number of attacks on Palestinians by Israeli settlers in the West Bank. This comes amidst the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip.

The EU's foreign affairs spokesperson, Peter Stano, has termed the alarming situation as "settler terrorism". Stano pointed out, "The upsurge of settler terrorism in the West Bank has led to very high numbers of civilian casualties and Palestinian communities being forced out of their homes.

The situation could get out of control and is causing unspeakable suffering to local communities." He further emphasized that urgent actions are required on Israel's part. Stano also underscored the legal obligation Israel has: "Israel has the duty to protect civilians in the West Bank from extremist settler violence, to hold perpetrators accountable and ensure that the IDF intervenes.

This adds to an already tragic situation in Gaza, increasing the risk of dangerous escalation of the conflict, which must be avoided at all costs."

EU's Growing Concern Over the West Bank Situation

In addition to Stano's statement, EU High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security, Josep Borrell, expressed his condemnation over the actions of Israeli settlers.

Yesterday, Borrell voiced his worries about the deteriorating situation in the West Bank. Furthermore, recent reports from the Palestinian Authority shed light on the gravity of the situation. Since the onset of hostilities in the Gaza Strip, as many as 120 Palestinians have lost their lives in the West Bank.

Stano and Borrell's statements underscore the EU's position that Israel should take proactive measures to safeguard the civilian population in the West Bank. They believe that bringing the perpetrators of such extremist violence to justice is not only a moral responsibility but also a legal obligation for the Israeli government.

The international community continues to watch closely as tensions escalate in the region. The hope remains that diplomatic interventions and international pressures can pave the way for peace and stability, alleviating the suffering of countless innocent civilians caught in the crossfire.

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