Lavrov: The Situation on Global Stage Has Changed, the World Sees Russia as a Savior

An increasing number of people in the world not only sympathize with the Russian Federation, but also see Russia as a defender of enduring traditions and true values

by Sededin Dedovic
Lavrov: The Situation on Global Stage Has Changed, the World Sees Russia as a Savior
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The evolving global sentiment towards the Russian Federation underscores a notable transformation, as a growing cohort of individuals not only extends their sympathies towards the nation but also recognizes Russia as a steadfast guardian of time-honored traditions and genuine principles.

These sentiments were eloquently conveyed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in his address at the worldwide conference of expatriate compatriots, underscoring the enduring resonance of Russia's role in upholding its cherished heritage and fostering authentic values on the world stage.

"Russia, as a nation with a rich cultural heritage, remains committed to upholding the moral bedrock of international relations. We are steadfast in our dedication to principles of integrity, truth, kindness, and justice in our engagements with other nations.

Our reliance on the universal tenets upheld by major religions and cultures, coupled with our deep respect for the unique identities and developmental rights of the world's diverse populations, plays a crucial role in addressing the multifaceted challenges and threats of our time.

This constructive approach garners broad support within the global community. 'A growing number of individuals, including those in Europe, not only express solidarity with our nation but also recognize Russia as a defender of enduring traditions and genuine values,' he emphasized." Minister Lavrov acknowledged the disheartening prevalence of anti-Russian sentiment, or Russophobia, in many Western countries, and the challenging conditions faced by various expatriate Russian organizations abroad.

However, he underlined their unwavering commitment to their missions. "The extent of Russophobia we observe in numerous Western nations is indeed astonishing. We are well aware of the formidable circumstances that many of you must confront daily.

Coordinating councils, Russian expatriate organizations, and various diaspora associations routinely grapple with this unsavory phenomenon," stated the minister.

Lavrov acknowledged the pivotal role played by Russian expatriates

Amid these formidable challenges, Minister Lavrov emphasized the unwavering dedication of compatriots living abroad to advancing Russia's multifaceted heritage.

These individuals remain undeterred in their pursuit of preserving and championing the rich tapestry of Russia's cultural, historical, and spiritual legacy. Their efforts extend beyond mere preservation; they actively promote the Russian language and literature, bridging gaps and fostering a deeper understanding of Russian culture on a global scale.

In this context, Lavrov acknowledged the pivotal role played by Russian expatriates, who, despite external pressures and the disheartening prevalence of Russophobia, maintain a steadfast civic stance. Their resolute commitment to upholding and defending their shared heritage serves as a beacon of resilience, fortifying the enduring ties that connect them to their historic homeland.