Live Updates: Israel Launches Strikes on Lebanon, Maternity Hospital Hit in Gaza

The Palestinian Authority announced that the city's maternity hospital was shelled

by Sededin Dedovic
Live Updates: Israel Launches Strikes on Lebanon, Maternity Hospital Hit in Gaza
© Ahmad Hasaballah / Getty Images

The ongoing conflict between the Israeli army and Hamas has now entered its 27th day, with tensions continuing to escalate. An Israeli general recently revealed that their troops are advancing closer to Gaza City, heightening concerns about the safety of civilians in the area.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority reported a distressing incident – a maternity hospital in Gaza City was shelled, exacerbating the already dire humanitarian crisis. This morning, the blaring wails of air raid sirens echoed through various Israeli communities situated near the Gaza Strip.

These communities, including Kisufim, Mivtahim, Amios, and Yesha, were all on high alert, as reported by The Times of Israel. Fortunately, there have been no reports of casualties in these areas, thanks in part to the preemptive evacuation of most residents to ensure their safety.

Israel carried out heavy artillery and air attacks on neighboring Lebanon

In another concerning development, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) made a statement regarding their actions in response to a missile launched from Lebanese territory at an Israeli drone.

The IDF confirmed that they conducted air and artillery strikes on Lebanon, marking a significant escalation in the conflict. Furthermore, rockets were also launched toward Israeli territory from the Lebanese side, intensifying the already precarious situation.

The IDF disclosed that a surface-to-air missile was fired at an Israeli drone during the night; however, it narrowly missed the target, as reported by The Times of Israel. Responding to the threat, Israeli ground forces retaliated by firing artillery shells when missiles from Lebanon targeted the Mount Dov and Mount Hermon region, as conveyed by the IDF.

It is noteworthy that Israel has faced an increasing number of attacks from Lebanon, primarily orchestrated by the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. These attacks have posed a significant challenge to Israel's security and stability along its northern border, further complicating an already complex and multifaceted conflict that originated with the outbreak of hostilities between Israel and Hamas on October 7.