Biden's Warning to Netanyahu: His Days Are Numbered, Israeli Media Reports

Netanyahu had a complex relationship with various U.S. president

by Sededin Dedovic
Biden's Warning to Netanyahu: His Days Are Numbered, Israeli Media Reports
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US President Joe Biden and his administration seem to anticipate the possible end of Benjamin Netanyahu's leadership as Israel's Prime Minister, largely driven by the aftermath of the Gaza conflict, as reported by The Times of Israel.

This geopolitical shift could signal a new chapter in US-Israel relations and Middle East dynamics. During a diplomatic visit to Israel last month amid the wartime crisis, President Biden appeared to convey this perspective directly to Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Politico, citing insights from two senior administration officials, reported that Biden advised Netanyahu to reflect on the legacy he would like to leave for his successor. This exchange underscores the intricate nature of their relationship.

A third US official has noted that within the administration, there exists a prevailing anticipation that Netanyahu may manage to hold onto power for a few more months, possibly until the initial stages of Israel's ground operation in Gaza conclude.

Nevertheless, these officials have all acknowledged the inherent volatility of Israeli politics, underscoring the unpredictability that characterizes this dynamic political landscape.

Netanyahu leadership was marked by controversies and legal challenges

It's important to recognize that the relationship between the United States and Israel, particularly between its leaders, has long been a complex and nuanced one.

Both nations have navigated myriad diplomatic challenges, with leadership changes in Israel often introducing new dynamics into this enduring partnership. Consequently, the assessment of Netanyahu's political future is just one facet of the intricate tapestry of US-Israel relations, which continue to evolve and adapt in response to regional and global developments.

Netanyahu is known for his conservative and right-wing policies, particularly on security, Iran's nuclear program, and Israeli settlements in the West Bank. He played a significant role in Israeli-U.S. relations, often with a complex relationship with various U.S.

presidents. His leadership was marked by controversies and legal challenges, and his tenure came to an end in 2021 with the formation of a new government led by Naftali Bennett.