Foreign Nationals Await Exit from Gaza Amidst Conflict

Tensions continue to rise in the Gaza Strip

by Faruk Imamovic
Foreign Nationals Await Exit from Gaza Amidst Conflict
© Getty Images News/Chris McGrath

Tensions continue to rise in the Gaza Strip, with a recent announcement from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stating that approximately 7,000 foreign passport holders from 60 different countries are currently waiting to depart the area.

The ministry convened a meeting in Cairo with representatives from various foreign embassies, briefing them on the necessary documentation requirements for entry into Egypt from the conflict-ridden Palestinian region.

Uncertainties Surrounding the Exodus

While the figure shared by the Egyptian Ministry captures the urgency, there remain certain ambiguities.

It is yet to be clarified whether these 7,000 individuals are solely foreign nationals or also include Palestinians with foreign passports. The ministry's data also leaves a question mark on the number of foreigners in Gaza who may have chosen to stay despite the ongoing conflict.

Remarkably, the prior day witnessed a significant movement across borders. Hundreds of foreign nationals, coupled with Palestinians possessing dual citizenship, made their way into Egypt. This marked their first such journey since the inception of the recent war between Israel and Hamas.

Additionally, the Rafah crossing became a crucial gateway for several seriously injured Palestinians who were transferred to Egypt for medical treatment.

Humanitarian Efforts Underway

On the humanitarian front, efforts are ongoing to alleviate the plight of the people caught in the crossfire.

The Palestinian Red Crescent confirmed the receipt of an additional 55 trucks laden with humanitarian aid on Wednesday. This latest consignment takes the total number of aid trucks to 272. Yet, according to aid workers, this represents only a fragment of the actual necessities.

The recent chain of events was set in motion following a militant attack on Israeli communities on October 7, orchestrated by the Islamist group Hamas. This assault resulted in the tragic loss of over 1,400 lives. Israel's subsequent response was to seal off the Gaza Strip and launch a series of airstrikes on the densely populated territory.

In the wake of these events, as reported by Gaza's Health Ministry (operated by Hamas), Israeli actions have resulted in the death of 8,796 individuals and left another 22,219 wounded since the war began. Another grim statistic is the 240 individuals who have been taken hostage to Gaza.