Live: Hezbollah Leader: This Is a Decisive, Historic Battle, USA Bears Responsibility

This is the first time that the leader of Hezbollah has spoken since the war began

by Sededin Dedovic
Live: Hezbollah Leader: This Is a Decisive, Historic Battle, USA Bears Responsibility
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The head of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, said today that unprecedented fighting is taking place on the Lebanese-Israeli border and that further escalation is possible, but he pointed out that the United States of America can prevent a regional conflict if the aggression on the Gaza Strip is stopped.

"The resistance operations in the south are telling the enemy that if he carries out aggression or thinks about a preventive operation, he will commit the greatest stupidity in his history," Nasrallah said in his first public address since the outbreak of conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas on October 7.

He warned that "all options are open" on the Lebanese front, adding that he had received messages that the US would bomb Iran if Hezbollah continued operations on the border with Israel. He pointed out that the regional conflict can be prevented if the aggression on the Gaza Strip is stopped, which he says is "American aggression" and added that Washington can force Israel to stop that aggression.

Nasrallah emphasized that the Hamas operation "Al-Aqsa Storm" is "one hundred percent Palestinian", that it achieved strategic results that will affect the future of Israel, and that the war has spread to several fronts.

"The battle of 'Al-Aqsa Storm' caused a security, military, psychological and moral earthquake in the Israeli entity. It achieved strategic results that will affect the present and future of this entity," Nasrallah said. He added that the operation is "one hundred percent Palestinian", as well as that the decisions are made by the leaders of the "resistance movement", Palestinian TV Al Aqsa reports.

"This is a battle on a human, ethical and religious level" – said the first man of Hezbollah, saying that the Hamas operation opened a new chapter in the fight against Israel. He added that Hamas's decision to launch Operation Al-Aqsa Storm was "correct, wise and courageous" and that it came at the right time.

"What is happening in Gaza is not a war like other previous wars, but a decisive, historical battle," Nasrallah said. He pointed out that in Gaza, more than two million people have been living under siege for 20 years, "and nobody has done anything".

"It must be known that America is fully responsible for what is happening in Gaza, and that Israel is only following orders. America must be held accountable for its crimes and massacres against peoples," Nasrallah said, adding that the US is preventing it from stopping aggression.

He stated that the "occupation forces" took over the settlements in Gaza where they massacred the population. "Everything that is happening in Gaza once again reveals the brutal nature of this usurping entity," Nasrallah said, speaking of Israel.

He added that the world will soon discover that most of those whom Israel says were killed by Hamas, "were killed by the weapons of the Israeli army." He pointed out that, at the same time, the West Bank, which is controlled by the Palestinians, is threatened by many dangers due to new Israeli "settlement projects".

The head of Hezbollah stated that world public opinion "started to turn against the tyrant" and called on the Arab and Islamic countries to cut off relations with Israel and suspend the delivery of oil and gas to that country.