Putin: The West Wants to Destroy Our History,Only Together Can We Reach New Frontiers

Russia now protects its moral values, culture and language and helps the inhabitants of the new regions in this

by Sededin Dedovic
Putin: The West Wants to Destroy Our History,Only Together Can We Reach New Frontiers
© Omer Messinger / Getty Images

"We want to protect our history, language, and help our brothers in Donbass and Luhansk," emphasized Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with members of the Public Chamber of Russia. "The Western invaders aim to subjugate language and culture, effectively eroding a nation.

Russia, at present, stands as a guardian of its moral values, culture, and language, providing assistance to the residents of these new regions. The cohesion among our people remains a vital element in Russia's expansion to new frontiers," Putin remarked.

Putin underscored the critical role of culture, tradition, and history in upholding a nation, underscoring that the erosion of these foundations results in the gradual disintegration of an ethnic community, drawing a poignant parallel to the slow dissolution of snow during late spring, emphasizing the dire consequences of neglecting these essential elements.

"Consider why Alexander Nevsky is revered as a saint. His reverence stems from his choice to preserve the Russian people and all the diverse communities within our vast territory. Today, in many ways, we continue this ethos by defending our moral values and supporting our brethren in Donbass and Novorussia," Putin articulated.

Regarding the Western sanctions, Putin addressed the members of the Public Council, noting, "The adversary scrutinizes every action taken in the interest of Russia."

The people of the Caucasus are fighting heroically, splendidly, brilliantly

With deep appreciation, Putin extended his gratitude to the dedicated members of the Public Council for their unwavering support, recognizing the sanctions imposed on a substantial number of them as a clear indication of the adversary's acknowledgment of their invaluable contributions to the well-being of Russia.

Furthermore, Putin commended the remarkable valor exhibited by individuals hailing from the Caucasus, who have been actively involved in the Special Military Operation, highlighting their exceptional bravery and outstanding performance in pivotal leadership roles within the operation.

"People from the Caucasus exhibit exceptional, heroic, and skillful participation in the SVO zone, holding prominent leadership positions there," reported the President of Russia, as per RT.