Scary: Elon Musk: Socializing With AI Will Be One Of The Highest Forms Of Friendship

Mask and Sunak on the benefits and risks of AI

by Sededin Dedovic
Scary: Elon Musk: Socializing With AI Will Be One Of The Highest Forms Of Friendship
© Rishi Sunak / Youtube Channel

Musk shared several predictions regarding AI, envisioning a future where employment becomes obsolete and human-AI companionship evolves into a profound form of friendship. During a discussion with the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, Elon Musk emphasized the transformative nature of artificial intelligence, asserting that it ranks among the most disruptive forces in history.

This declaration took place at the inaugural AI Security Summit held in Great Britain. Musk stressed, "AI is poised to be a force for good, but we cannot ignore the nonzero possibility of it going awry." The conversation transpired at Lancaster House, a government facility in central London typically designated for diplomatic interactions.

After the discussion, they engaged with questions from the press, with the entire exchange subsequently made available for streaming on Musk's personal X account, as reported by CNN. Musk expressed his appreciation, remarking to Sunak: "I am pleased to observe the growing seriousness with which people are approaching artificial intelligence.

I want to thank you for organizing this summit, which I believe will be recorded in history as profoundly significant." Musk reiterated his AI predictions, particularly foreseeing a future where conventional employment loses its relevance, and human-AI companionship becomes an exceptional form of friendship.

The AI event's inaugural day witnessed the signing of the Bletchley Declaration, endorsed by more than 25 nations and the European Union. The signatories committed to collaborating and adopting a cohesive strategy for the responsible deployment of AI technology, emphasizing the potential for severe, even catastrophic consequences—a concern frequently voiced by tech leaders.

Musk highlighted the importance of alignment on AI security between major AI players like the United States and the United Kingdom, considering it a positive development. He also suggested that global powers like China should actively participate in these discussions.

In a metaphorical comparison, Musk likened AI to a magical genie, cautioning that tales featuring wish-granting magic lamp genies often end unfavorably and emphasized the need for careful consideration in our desires. Elon Musk's influence is extending beyond technology and business as he engages in international affairs, both through meetings with world leaders and his SpaceX company's provision (or lack thereof) of Starlink satellite services to conflict-affected regions.

The presence of this billionaire at the UK summit significantly amplified the media attention surrounding the event, aligning with Rishi Sunak's ambition for global regulation of artificial intelligence. During their discussion, Sunak and Musk explored the potential impact of digital super-intelligence on the public, deliberating on the necessity of regulatory frameworks similar to those in industries like aviation and automobiles.

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