Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov: Russia Did Not Start the War, Russia Is Ending It

"In Kyev, they believed that they could defeat Russia on the battlefield and convinced the West of that as well, now it is obvious that such a thing is not possible," said Peskov

by Sededin Dedovic
Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov: Russia Did Not Start the War, Russia Is Ending It
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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov emphasized that Russia did not initiate the conflict in Ukraine; rather, it is actively working to bring it to a resolution. He stressed the importance of conveying this central message to the international community, stating: "As our president has stated, we didn't initiate the conflict; we are in the process of ending it.

This is a crucial message that we should share with our friends worldwide." Speaking at the "Knowledge" forum, Peskov also highlighted the lack of willingness in the West to listen to the perspectives of those residing in Donbass over the past eight years.

When discussing NATO, Peskov described it as an organization initially designed to counter Russia, emphasizing that Russia had voiced its objections during multiple phases of Alliance expansion. "We raised our concerns during each successive wave of NATO expansion, even shouting that we disapproved of it getting closer to our borders.

We were willing to tolerate up to a certain extent, but there were eight waves of expansion, and the situation became untenable for Russia." Peskov noted that prior relations between Russia and the West had often been marked by a "weakness invites exploitation" dynamic, where Russia was seen as a doormat to be stepped on.

However, he underlined that Russia has evolved into a strong nation today, continually reinforcing its capabilities. "We experienced a period of idealism where it appeared that everyone wanted to befriend us, including Americans, Europeans, and Britons.

We believed their military movements were merely friendly gestures. We were mistaken. Perhaps we should have resisted at that time. Nonetheless, we have now made our positions unequivocally clear, and it's apparent to all that we will defend against any perceived threats." Peskov stressed that every endeavor undertaken by Russia is geared towards bolstering its strength, as the credibility of their message is amplified by their perceived strength.

In his view, Ukraine previously convinced the West that it could defeat Russia militarily, but it is now evident that such a scenario is unattainable. "Kiev once managed to convince the West that they could defeat Russia on the battlefield, but today, it's clear that such an outcome is not feasible." He went on to note that Kiev is currently facing challenging times and is increasingly alienating the international community with what he described as a parasitic approach.