Putin Unveils the 12-Meter-Long Bulava Rocket with Six Nuclear Warhead Capacity

President Vladimir Putin strongly emphasizes the necessity for Russia to uphold its nuclear deterrence as a response to what he perceives as an escalating array of security challenges

by Sededin Dedovic
Putin Unveils the 12-Meter-Long Bulava Rocket with Six Nuclear Warhead Capacity
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The Bulava missile, a formidable component of Russia's nuclear arsenal, boasts a length of 12 meters and a striking estimated range of approximately 8,000 kilometers. This powerful missile system is designed to carry up to six nuclear warheads, underlining its significance as a potent instrument of deterrence and defense.

The recent successful test launch of a Bulava ballistic missile from the new nuclear-powered submarine Tsar Alexander III marks a significant milestone in Russia's commitment to maintaining its nuclear deterrent capabilities.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced this achievement, emphasizing that firing a ballistic missile represents the culmination of a series of tests. This final phase will ultimately determine the cruiser's readiness for acceptance into the Russian Navy.

President Vladimir Putin remains resolute in his determination to uphold Russia's nuclear deterrent capabilities in response to what he perceives as escalating security threats. These efforts come at a time when relations between Moscow and the Western world have deteriorated, particularly due to Russia's involvement in the conflict in Ukraine.

The strategic missile cruiser of the "Borej" class is equipped with 16 "bulava" missiles

The test launch of the Bulava missile, conducted from an underwater position in the White Sea near Russia's northern coast, culminated in the successful impact on a distant target located on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia's Far East.

While the precise date of this testing remains undisclosed, it underscores the formidable capabilities of Russia's nuclear triad. The strategic missile cruiser of the "Borej" class, which carried out this successful test, is equipped with 16 "Bulava" missiles in addition to state-of-the-art torpedo weapons.

In a noteworthy event, President Putin attended the ceremonial launch of the Tsar Alexander III submarine into the sea in December, highlighting the significance of this technological advancement. The Russian Navy currently has three nuclear-powered submarines of the 'Borej' class in active service, with one nearing the conclusion of testing and three more under construction.

The Bulava missile, with its impressive range and multiple warhead capabilities, has emerged as a cornerstone of Russia's naval nuclear triad, further solidifying the country's defense capabilities on the global stage.

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