Israeli General Giora Eiland: We Are Far from Destroying Hamas

Advisor to Defense Minister Yoav Galant evaluated that Israel remains distant from achieving the complete dismantling of Palestinian Hamas

by Sededin Dedovic
Israeli General Giora Eiland: We Are Far from Destroying Hamas
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"We are not witnessing the surrender of hundreds of individuals," stated Giora Eiland, a former head of the National Security Council and an advisor to Defense Minister Yoav Galant, as he assessed the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas in an interview with Israel's military radio.

Eiland pointed out that Israel is still far from achieving the complete destruction of the Palestinian Hamas. He emphasized the sophisticated nature of the attacks from the opposing side, involving coordinated tactics such as the successful use of paragliders, anti-tank missiles, and mortar fire.

These tactics require a high degree of coordination among the Hamas forces, which they have executed effectively. On the 30th day of the Israel-Hamas conflict, which began with sudden attacks on October 7 by thousands of Palestinian extremists infiltrating southern Israeli territory, tensions remain high.

These extremists breached the border fence, infiltrated Israeli border settlements, and, with the support of rocket fire from Gaza, inflicted significant casualties. This resulted in over 1,400 deaths, primarily among civilians, and the taking of approximately 240 hostages.

Israeli forces have struck over 2,500 targets employing ground, air, and naval resources in total

This ongoing conflict underscores the deep-seated animosity between the two sides and the significant challenges in reaching a peaceful resolution.

It's a situation marked by complexity and political sensitivity, with varying international designations of Hamas as a terrorist organization or a legitimate political entity. In response to the escalating conflict, Israel initiated extensive military operations within the Gaza Strip, resulting in nearly 9,500 casualties, with a significant portion being children and women.

These Israeli military actions began with airstrikes and subsequently evolved to include ground offensives, all in pursuit of the overarching objective of dismantling Hamas. The Israeli military has reported that, since the inception of ground operations, they have successfully targeted more than 2,500 sites employing a combination of ground, air, and naval forces.

Meanwhile, rocket attacks originating from Gaza into Israeli territory persist without abatement, underscoring the persistent challenges in achieving a resolution to this long-standing and complex conflict.