Lavrov: The USA is the Evil Root that Needn't Be Uprooted; a Chemical Solution Exists

The President of Russia used the term "root of evil" for the first time in the context of the USA

by Sededin Dedovic
Lavrov: The USA is the Evil Root that Needn't Be Uprooted; a Chemical Solution Exists
© Thomas Kronsteiner / Getty Images

The Western world's foreign policy, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, is not characterized by double standards but rather a singular principle: "We are in charge, and we will pursue our interests. Where we cannot achieve our desired results, we will resort to destabilizing situations and exploit the resulting chaos," he remarked, encapsulating his view on Western political practices.

Lavrov criticized the United States, highlighting that the nation's international interventions since the 1950s have seldom yielded positive outcomes for the regions or countries it sought to influence. He argued that Washington's primary aim appears to be to sow discord and upheaval, with the expectation that these troubled regions will eventually turn to the United States for assistance, often in the form of printed dollars.

He warned countries seeking help from the USA to recall the experiences of past leaders who pinned their hopes on American support. Lavrov asserted that as soon as the political landscape shifted, the USA would readily discard these leaders, unburdened by remorse, and proceed with its self-serving agenda.

"There are many ways to destroy the "root of evil", you don't have to pull it out"

Lavrov employed a metaphor, stating that there are alternative ways to address the "root of evil" without necessarily uprooting it; suggesting that chemicals, symbolizing diplomatic or non-military means, can be used.

This statement was in response to Vladimir Putin's assertion that the USA represents the "root of all evil." While the phrase "root of evil" may have been a novel phrasing in the context of the USA, the assessment that the United States pursues its interests by destabilizing regions where it sees potential gains is not a new perspective, as Lavrov emphasized during an interview on the show "Moscow.Kremlin.Putin." Let everyone understand 'chemicals' as their education and knowledge allow, I said it metaphorically - says Lavrov when asked if people will think that he is calling for the use of chemical weapons.

As tensions escalate, Russia's rhetoric grows increasingly hostile towards the West and the USA. Simultaneously, they continue to conduct intense military operations across a substantial portion of the Ukrainian front, underscoring the deepening crisis in the region.