Netanyahu: This Is a War of Civilization Against Barbarians

Although 4,000 children died in the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, the Israeli prime minister says that he is the civilization and the Palestinians are the barbarians

by Sededin Dedovic
Netanyahu: This Is a War of Civilization Against Barbarians
© Sean Gallup / Getty Images

In a statement today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conveyed that Israel is currently embroiled in a conflict against the Palestinian militant organization Hamas, characterizing this confrontation as a global struggle between civilization and what he termed "savages." He also underscored that it represents a broader battle of civilization against barbarism.

His remarks come in the midst of mounting concerns regarding the escalating humanitarian crisis and civilian casualties, including the tragic deaths of over 4,000 children, marking this as the most devastating wartime humanitarian disaster since World War II, according to the United Nations.

Netanyahu's comments were made during a meeting with Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov in Jerusalem, and they carried a strong message of the global significance of this conflict. He emphasized the paramount need for civilization to triumph over barbarism, highlighting the dire nature of the situation.

Netanyahu went on to label Hamas as "the most savage enemy we have encountered since the Holocaust," a statement reflecting the gravity of the situation from his perspective.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister emphasized how important it is for Israel to allow the Red Cross to enter Gaza

Prime Minister Denkov's alignment with Netanyahu's perspective is evident in his strong stance on eradicating Hamas, emphasizing the urgent need for the release of hostages and advocating for the Red Cross's presence in Gaza.

He underscored that the international community shares deep concern for the escalating crisis in Gaza, making a compelling case for the immediate provision of humanitarian aid to alleviate the suffering of the affected population.

Their united front highlights the urgency of addressing the humanitarian and security aspects of the situation and underscores the gravity of the ongoing conflict in the region. The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has garnered global attention and widespread condemnation due to the staggering loss of life, as well as its significant impact on civilian populations.

The international community continues to focus its efforts on finding a resolution to the situation and providing crucial humanitarian assistance to those affected by the crisis. The need for a peaceful and lasting resolution remains paramount to preventing further suffering in the region.