Kyiv Found A Solution For The Iranian Shahed Drone Used By The Russian Army

A counterpart to the Shahed has been manufactured, along with more robust models, as he mentioned, the reason for this is that drones of the Shahed type have limited range capabilities

by Sededin Dedovic
Kyiv Found A Solution For The Iranian Shahed Drone Used By The Russian Army
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Ukraine has embarked on the mass production of a drone with striking similarities to Iran's renowned Shahed drone, capable of covering a distance of 1,000 kilometers. The announcement was made by the General Director of Ukroboronprom, the Ukrainian defense industry factory, Mr.

German Smetanin. Smetanin revealed that this remarkable achievement was the result of a collaborative effort with undisclosed international partners, a detail kept confidential for security purposes. The primary focus, he emphasized, was on the drone's functionality, namely its ability to fly and execute tasks effectively.

While the Ukrainian drone closely resembles the Iranian Shahed, Smetanin disclosed that efforts were also directed towards developing more robust and advanced models. The motivation behind this was the recognition that the Shahed-type drones had limitations in terms of range and capability.

These limitations had been apparent during the ongoing conflict, where Russia had effectively employed Iranian Shahed drones, causing significant disruption to Ukrainian armored vehicles and bases. The unique self-destruct feature of the Iranian drone further added to its reputation as one of the world's best drones.

Technological warfare on the drone front has added a dynamic element to the conflict in Ukraine

Smetanin further elaborated that the current strategic focus of the Ukrainian defense industry was on the production of more complex, high-performance, and costlier drone models.

This shift in emphasis was driven by the need to match and surpass the capabilities of the Iranian Shahed drones, which had posed significant challenges to Ukraine's defense operations. The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, which commenced with Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24 two and more years ago, has seen both sides deploy a substantial number of drones.

Ukraine predominantly relied on Turkish-made Bayraktar drones, while Russia effectively utilized the Iranian Shahed drones. This technological warfare on the drone front has added a dynamic element to the conflict, underlining the importance of continually enhancing and diversifying Ukraine's drone capabilities to ensure a robust defense against future threats.

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