Netanyahu: We Destroyed the Headquarters, Tunnels, and Bases! We Are Moving Forward

Gaza City is now under siege and ID is operating inside the city

by Sededin Dedovic
Netanyahu: We Destroyed the Headquarters, Tunnels, and Bases! We Are Moving Forward
© Kena Betancur / Getty Images

In a recent press conference held in Tel Aviv, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered an update on the ongoing military operations in Gaza. He confirmed that Gaza City is now surrounded by Israeli forces, and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are conducting operations within the city.

Netanyahu stressed the intensification of pressure on Hamas, noting that "many terrorists" have been eliminated, including those who had taken refuge underground. He further highlighted that Israeli forces had successfully targeted and destroyed key Hamas infrastructure, including their headquarters, tunnels, and bases.

Turning his attention to the northern border, Netanyahu issued a stern warning to Hezbollah, stating that if they were to enter the conflict, it would be a grave mistake on their part. Regarding the possibility of a ceasefire, the Israeli Prime Minister remained resolute, stating that there would be no truce without the return of hostages and the complete dismantling of Hamas's ability to govern Gaza.

He emphasized that Israel had no intention of halting its actions until these objectives were met. Netanyahu also revealed that over 100,000 Israeli citizens had been evacuated from their homes as a result of the ongoing conflict.

However, he did not provide specific information about the number of Israeli soldiers who had lost their lives during the operations.

According to the Israeli defense minister, they do not intend to rule Gaza after the war

These developments come in the wake of a call from U.S.

President Biden for a pause in the hostilities. It remains uncertain how Netanyahu will respond to this call, given his previous refusal to agree to a ceasefire. The situation in the region continues to evolve, and the world watches closely as the conflict in Gaza unfolds.

The Israeli Defense Minister's statement reinforces Israel's stance that it does not intend to govern Gaza post-war, and neither does Hamas. Their focus remains on eliminating terrorists, uncovering tunnels, and dismantling weapons while advancing into the heart of the conflict.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has indeed sparked various international reactions and discussions regarding its motivations and consequences.