Jews Gathered at the Statue of Liberty in New York to Protest the Bombing of Gaza


Jews Gathered at the Statue of Liberty in New York to Protest the Bombing of Gaza
Jews Gathered at the Statue of Liberty in New York to Protest the Bombing of Gaza © Stephanie Keith / getty Images

In a remarkable display of unity, hundreds of American Jewish activists gathered peacefully around the iconic Statue of Liberty in New York, vehemently demanding an immediate ceasefire and an end to what they referred to as Israel's "genocidal bombing" of civilians in Gaza.

Clad in somber black t-shirts bearing the striking slogans "Jews demand a cease-fire" and "Not in our name," these resolute protesters adorned the base of this emblematic monument with banners bearing the powerful messages, "The whole world is watching" and "Palestinians should be free," as reported by Voice of America.

Jay Saper, a spokesperson from the organization Jewish Voice for Peace, which orchestrated this demonstration, eloquently articulated the sentiments of the gathering: "The timeless words of our Jewish forebearer, Emma Lazarus, etched into this monumental symbol, impel us to take a stand and extend our unwavering support to the Palestinians in Gaza, who yearn for the simple privilege of breathing freely." Emma Lazarus, a 19th-century activist, had played a pivotal role in aiding Jewish refugees escaping the turmoil of Europe to find solace in the welcoming arms of New York.

The official statement referenced her renowned poem, "The New Colossus," which is immortalized on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, as a heartfelt tribute to the pioneers of America. The protesters, representing the pro-Palestinian NGO known as the Institute for Middle East Understanding, passionately demanded an immediate halt to the "genocidal Israeli bombardment of Palestinian civilians in Gaza." In a resounding voice, photographer Nan Goldin declared, "As long as the voices of Gaza cry out in despair, we are compelled to amplify our voices, unwaveringly, irrespective of any attempts to silence us." The city of New York, renowned as a melting pot for refugees and immigrants, has recently witnessed a surge of both pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

With approximately two million Jewish residents and hundreds of thousands of Muslims, the city has thus far managed to steer clear of violence associated with the Gaza conflict. However, tensions have undeniably simmered in certain quarters, such as university campuses, heightening the need for dialogue and understanding.

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