Putin: The Situation In The World Is Currently Very Tense And Difficult

The actions of some states are directly aimed at undermining the legitimate government

by Sededin Dedovic
Putin: The Situation In The World Is Currently Very Tense And Difficult
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In the current global landscape, tension remains pervasive, demanding the utmost attention of the member nations within the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). These countries are confronted with an urgent imperative: fortifying the collective security of their community.

Russian President Vladimir Putin underscores the vital importance of harnessing the full predictive and information-analytical capabilities of their respective security councils, underscoring their pivotal role in assessing, preparing for, and addressing the multifaceted challenges of our times.

"We see that the international situation is still extremely difficult and tense. In a number of regions, old conflicts intensified and new conflict hotspots appeared. Among other things, in the Middle East, where a new aggravation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict was provoked, from which civilians primarily suffer," said Putin, addressing the participants of the 11th meeting of the secretaries of the CIS Security Council, which opened on Wednesday in Moscow.

Global instability is projected onto Eurasia as well, he noted. "Furthermore, the actions of some states are directly aimed at undermining legitimate government, social stability, and traditional values in the CIS countries, at disrupting our traditional close trade, cooperative, and cultural ties.

There are still common threats, such as terrorism and organized crime, drug trafficking, and illegal migration, radicalism and extremism, as well as risks in the field of economic, informational, technological, and biological security," added Putin.

He pointed out that all this requires not only a coordinated collective reaction but also great preventive work. "Among other things, it is especially important to fully use the prognostic, informational, and analytical potential of the Security Council - for an in-depth and comprehensive study of the situation in the CIS area and in the world in general, for clear determination of priorities, timely correction of strategic planning documents," concluded the President of Russia.

Putin is firmly convinced that the collaboration facilitated by the Security Council will remain pivotal in enhancing stability and security among the CIS nations. He anticipates that it will also play a crucial role in the formulation and execution of harmonized strategies to attain shared objectives, underscoring the enduring importance of such cooperation.