Encirclement of Avdiivka: 40 Thousand Russians Stand on Three Approaches to the City

Russian forces are continuing their attempts to encircle Avdeyevka, Ukrainian military officials said today

by Sededin Dedovic
Encirclement of Avdiivka: 40 Thousand Russians Stand on Three Approaches to the City
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Ukrainian military officials report that Russian forces are persisting in their relentless efforts to encircle the city of Avdiivka. According to Anton Kochukon, the spokesperson for the 110th Armored Brigade, a formidable contingent of around 40,000 Russian soldiers has been strategically concentrated on three sides of the city.

These developments have raised significant concerns about the fate of Avdiivka. Kochukon's comments, as reported by Reuters, underscore the determination of the Russian military to execute their encirclement plans. There is a palpable absence of signals indicating a shift in their intentions, which has added to the prevailing unease in the region.

The Russian army has adopted a crafty approach, described as a game of "cat and mouse" by Kochukon. They are employing an array of tactics, including the extensive use of drones and the deployment of artillery forces, in a bid to bolster Avdiivka's defenses.

The complexity of this strategy is placing additional pressure on the Ukrainian forces tasked with defending the city.

According to the words of General Tarnavsky, the morale of the defense forces of Ukraine is strong

General Oleksandr Tarnavsky, the commander of Ukraine's southern forces, provided a resolute stance.

He affirmed that his soldiers are firmly entrenched in their defensive positions around Avdiivka. Despite the intensifying enemy activities, General Tarnavski remains undeterred, emphasizing that the exact size of the opposing forces remains undisclosed.

He expressed unwavering faith in his troops and their ability to put up a fierce resistance. Recent Russian military activity in the region has prompted speculation that President Zelensky believes Vladimir Putin is seizing an opportunity within the broader context of the Middle East to launch a decisive offensive.

Compounding these concerns is the reduction in aid to Ukraine from its allies, with reports suggesting that Germany intends to withdraw its Patriot missile systems, further exacerbating the already high tensions prevailing in the region.

The ongoing situation in Avdiivka continues to be a focal point of tension in the broader conflict between Russian and Ukrainian forces, with implications that resonate throughout the international community. As the events unfold, there is a growing sense of apprehension about the broader regional and global stability.

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